Hacking Nuclear Waste


Cleaning Up Nuclear Waste

Hacking nuclear waste sounds crazy but in England they believe they have found a bacteria called Extroemophile that would actually eat the radioactive waste away .
They are still studying the effects at the University of Manchester .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of gizmag I give you aiding in nuclear waste disposal .





In Conclusion

If this chemical pans out to do what they are thinking it would be great .
As a matter of fact they could probably use this to aid in areas such as Japan and Russia and even Hiroshima .
These places are still highly radioactive and some places still leaking radioactive materials into the ocean and soil .


In Fukushima after the disaster there , there is a 12 mile exclusion line .
Check out this site straight out of the archives of the daily mail I give you GHOST TOWNS OF FUKUSHIMA .
This next video shows they still have not used the technology stated above straight out of the archives of BPearthwatch .





It would be nice to see these areas turned back into a livable and safe areas .
Peace I am out .


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