Hacking Data Recovery

Deleting Data


For most people the common none technical type and even some technical people who don’t deal in the midst of data collection and recovery feel that the delete option is like the holy grail to get rid of unwanted data and programs .
But what the delete and permanently delete function buttons do is confuse the information making it fragmented and chopping up all links and so fourth .
But wait you say there is reformatting , and I say yes but what this dose is just make recovery much harder but in this day and age not impossible .
Microsoft uses a recovery program wen you decide to go back to an earlier date but although this return ( recovery ) to an earlier date basically confuses the other data so it wont work that is why if your system had Ben affected by a virus the said system will run smoothly for a period of time until the said virus rebirths itself .

Is There A Holy Grail

Well yes and no , first many things must be considered .
1 ) What programs are you using in relation to your system ?
For example but not limited to .
( A or the cloud , Google , Facebook , Linkdin )
2 ) Spied upon or snooped upon .
For example but not limited to ( Criminal element or Government organization , ISPS , Hardware or program Developers ).
But if your running a big corporation and wish to destroy data permanently here is how the pros do it with in this next video .

It was geekbeat.tv who had inspired me to write this article , Thank you geekbeat .

Data Recovery

So lost or deleted your data and you just don’t know what to do .
Well if your running a Mac or using a cell phone and you need to recover your data today may be your lucky day .
I recently read a review done by Quinten Ginter of geekbeat.tv on the Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery program .
This is one of the best reviews I have read in a long time it was precise and to the point .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of geekbeat.tv I give you the Data Recovery Review .


In Conclusion

The Bottom line , do your homework there are plenty of recovery programs but only a few ways to permanently delete .
Read your reviews make sure which ever direction you go in and yes I said ( YOU ) it must be proficient for your purpose and needs .
Peace I am out .

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