Grep Haxs Updates Two Months Into The Year

Grep Haxs almost to the end of February

We are only two months into the year and a lot has happened here at Grep Haxs . Some advancements remain top secret as with any company but there is a lot that can be expressed .

We have touched on a lot of different topics all with the information or links to back up said articles and trying to keep opinions to a minimum .

Grep Haxs Sun

Grep Haxs is Advancing towards digital graphics tutorials .

Sometimes depending on the topic this in it self can be quit a struggle . At times instead of links we will in-bed videos to show a point or cause and effect . Staying off the topic of political agendas can be tough although some of the articles we put together do have a teetering factor . I hope you enjoy this update article from Grep Haxs please sit back and enjoy as we give you the low down straight out of the archives @

Grep Haxs articles Update

Grep Haxs digital art

Grep Haxs created this peace of digital art using Gimp .

Encase you missed it we ended 2016 with an investment article . On December 31 we wrote an article called ( new year new investment ) . There were to key parts of this article one was to remind people of the dreams they had . Two was to encourage those whom had forgotten to dream to do so . If you missed this article there is no time like the present to look it over . Straight out of the archives of Grep Haxs I give you NEW YEAR NEW INVESTMENTS . On January 16 TH we published an article called ( Cookies and milk for the hacker ) showing how hackers utilize cookies . Setting up the article kind of like a map . With the meaning of some key words of representation such as ( Milk means Internet ) ( cookies meaning those in your browser ) . If you missed this article please see the following straight out of the grep haxs archives I give you COOKIES AND MILK FOR THE HACKER . Advancing to February 8TH we posted an article called ( bio 3D advances to skin growth ) . I found this article very interesting to write . In this article we discussed the advancement for burn victims . Also the downfall if used for the wrong purpose with the advancement of CRISPR9 . Straight out of the archives of Gep Haxs I give you BIO 3D PRINTING ADVANCES TO SKIN GROWTH . These are only a few of the articles we have posted since December 31 . For your easy access I will leave the rest at the bottom of this article under related articles . Once you look over these articles you might start thinking well that is not vary many articles . I would say you are correct but that is not all we have been up too . We have also been busy with other side projects such as our youtube channel .

Grep Haxs YouTube Update

Grep Haxs youtube screen shot

Grep Haxs YouTube channel has both grown in fresh videos and subscribers come join us .

We have been steadily growing our YouTube channel . Having six play-lists if you have not become a subscriber to our YouTube channel come check us out . You just might like what you find as are other many subscribers have . So far we have mainly focused on Linux and Ubuntu programs for tutorials utilizing programs like KDENLIVE and GIMP . Showing many times how these programs can be used for advertising or fun in gaming split screen or video in video . Here is our latest video called ( how to import Gimp animation into Kdenlive ) . Please enjoy and feel free to share any of our videos with someone it might help .

Or maybe you need to use the chroma key or would like to in Kdenlive . Well your in luck we posted this video called ( Kdenlive how to use Chroma key blue screen ) . please enjoy the next video straight out of our video archive .

These are only a few of the updates from us here at Grep Haxs there are many more articles and videos in the works .

In Conclusion

There are Two things we love here at Grep Haxs one is our readers and two is our subscribers on our web page or YouTube channel . That means you and yes I said ( YOU ) the reader . Without you and all of our other readers and subscribers we would not be possible so many thanks . I am considering starting a knew play-list soon maybe even two more . Well I hope you have enjoyed this article and if you see something you like on our YouTube channel become a subscriber thank you in advance .
Have a nice day while riding the wave of GREP HAXS TWO MONTHS INTO THE YEAR I am out .

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