Gamer Exclusion


Cornering The Market

There is a lot of companies out there that like the gamer exclusion .
What is gamer exclusion you ask ?
Its wen a company makes a game or buys a game and makes it Exclusive to there gaming system or only play on there phone as an app .
Who’s doing this ?
Well just to name a few Microsoft , Apple and Sony , these appear to be the major players and being the biggest companies that are setting the example causing a trickle effect for all others .





Microsoft recently purchased Minecraft for a whopping 2.5 billion dollars and there are rumors they will try and make it exclusive to there systems .
But would this be a good move for Microsoft , surely it would seem they would lose a demographic dollar and the game not be worth the 2.5 billion dollar price tag .



Microsoft other Exclusions

The X-Box 360 had a semi hardware exclusion for example ( changing the hard-drive ) was maid so difficult if one error was maid during installation of the new drive it blocked the new hard-drive rendering it useless and trash .
Microsoft also decided to go with an exclusive OS on its new systems not allowing a secondary OS to run on there maid system ( this exclusionary blockage could be run from the OS I am not sure ) meaning if you install that OS on another system it could block all other OS .
I am not trying to pick on Microsoft but being they are or were most prevalent in most peoples lives I know more about them .



Is There A Better Way

Yes I believe there is , I believe an exclusion to games should only be permitted for so long and then have the capability to go cross platform .
And this would avoid trying to corner the market as you can see they and others have so blatantly tried to do .
As well this would leave room for new developers to enter the gaming development field with a chance to become global .



In Conclusion

So then what , were would the profit line be ?
OK so you want all the answers ?
Well I don’t have them but I do have a few idea .
We will say the exclusion lasts for six months giving the game time to reach a lovable exciting drooling nature .
After said game reaches the six months exclusionary period that version goes cross platform to all interested vendors within a comprehensive licensing agreement .
Then the game goes back into a six months exclusion each time upping or lowering the price depending on the amount of work and update size .
I could ramble on and on about more profitable ways but I am sure everyone knows how to make the profit line .
Consumers should be aware you have the power don’t stand for exclusion stop being force fed .
Boycott Exclusionary methods don’t allow big companies to corner the market .
Peace I am gone .


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