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X box live were millions trend to play games do live streaming has fallen pray to a hackers exploit called man in the middle . These type of attacks are not or should not be unfamiliar to us at this day and age unless you have been under a rock or off grid for to long .

x box live man in the middle attack gamer

x box live gamer alert man in the middle attack


For the sake of the new comer or the person just realizing the hacking world lets discover what a man in the middle attack is ? In order to bring us all on the same page please refer to this definition of the man in the middle attack straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you the definition of MAN IN THE MIDDLE ATTACK .



X box live Gamer

Is Microsoft the only place you could run into such an attack of the man in the middle ? The answer to this question is no these type of attacks can happen with any software and or any place on the net . The best protection from this type of attack is you and knowing the services you use and if something looks odd or different question it . Talk to Techs and friends alike and look on the web to see what has been updated and if it aligns with what you are seeing . One of the best protections is to have more than one device one used for play the other for serious business this way you do not carry all your eggs in one basket .



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Most gamer are pretty intellectually in tune on what to do during such a situation but if you find yourself at a loss here are a few tips .
1 ) Listen ( keep your ear to the ground in order to here about vulnerabilities )
2 ) Clear all browsers not all but a majority of these hacks are implemented there .
3 ) Learn about any given attack ( this gives you an opportunity to narrow it down )
4 ) What ever service the exploit appears through ( whether Microsoft or other organizations listen to them for updates and removal process )



X Box live Gamer Alert

So how did I here about this alert well keeping my ear to the ground keeping up with reputable Tech People who set the alerts out . There are many ways you can gain alerts these days but nothing is better than a reputable Tech site that not only puts out the alert but offers good advice on how to correct the issue . So without further delay straight out of the archives of venturebeat I give you the alert of Microsoft x box live man in the middle attack .



In Conclusion

Microsoft is well aware of the situation but that is not enough you can not expect them to do everything for you . In this day and age you must learn to take action yourself it takes just a nanosecond for your information to disappear in a man in the middle attack .
Have a nice day riding the wave of the GAMER world I am out .

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