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So you want to be an entrepreneur or you have an idea or maybe you want to make a video game or just raise some money for a good cause Crowdfunding may be just what your looking for . According to wikipedia to which needs some help with this topic by the way states there are to recognized crowdfunding types as of may 2014 reward based and equity based . It appears there have Ben many bands and film makers that have gotten started using this method , who knows what could happen with the proper idea drive and initiative . So lets start to get the feet wet and see if it might be for you or maybe someone you know I mean who knows you might have a starving someone whose trying to make it in a struggling band or trying to be an author or a film producer / game engineer that you believe in . our maybe you have the bucks and you want to be an investor and gain some stock or revenue payback . It sounds like fun doesn’t it well lets take a look shall we.
Straight out of the archives of wikipedia i give you Crowdfunding .


Top 10 Crowdfunding Sites

So if that got your taste buds excited and your drooling all over the place roll up your sleeves cause I found a nice site with the top 10 crowdfunding sites so relax and enjoy .
Straight out of the archives somewhere between google and forbes i give you the top 10 Crowdfunding .

Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding

Well if you liked the idea which some people seem to think this be one of the 2014 things to take off I also a found a simplistic video to help you better understand the process so hope you enjoy .




This is a example of Crowdfunding from a non profitable organization Dr Stephen Hoffman needs help with the fight against malaria in Africa he is raising $250.000 using crowdfunding .So if you have the resources to help you can do so or at least look at the site for the example of what crowdfunding can do to help you .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of wiered i give you the fight against malaria .


In Conclusion


So have a happy crowdfunding investing or enterprising day but by all means surf the wave doing what you like cause life comes around but once peace .


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