Fukushima 3



Fukushima in Japan it all happened in 2011 , an earth quake then followed by a devastating Tsunami as everyone from around the world watched horrified and saddened for the people and towns . But Fukashimas storm is far from being over and still rages on today , in the surrounding area was a power plant owned by Tepco not just any power plant but a nuclear one . It was possibly proven it could withstand an earthquake but no one truly had taken into consideration of the strength of a Tsunami .



Surrounding Towns

The surrounding towns and infrastructure remains too be ghost towns for it is not possible for human life do too all the contaminates in the area soil and water . Since 2011 the Japanese have squabbled back and fourth on what too do with this facility of waist and destruction . As well many oceanic scientist have Ben under concern for the waist to witch was filled with nuclear waist that flooded into the ocean that day of 2011 from Fukushima , some have tracked the waist in concerns it would contaminate oceanic behaviors as well as killing and contaminating the fishing industry as well as other populated areas . So now as the storm contaminants rages on three years later a possible solution is at hand .



The Ice Wall

Sense 2011 an estimated 400 tons per day of radioactive material has seeped into the ground water and under neath the nuclear plant and pored directly into the ocean . To me this seems like an extreme amount and one can only ponder how much is left after 3 years . Apparently within this 3 year period it wasn’t forgotten and experiments were done to try and solve the problem how many I am not sure of and am a where of only one . They had Ben experimenting on ways two freeze the soil under and possibly around the nuclear plant and had some success . So Japan officials have agreed to move forward in creating an underground ice wall although the wall is said to only have a seven year life span .


Other Problems

The other problems that face Tepco and Japan as well as the rest of the concerned global community is will it work the forecast-ed dilemmas are but are not limited to . What will happen to the soil once it is frozen will it be an over bearing wait and cause collapsing ? As the outer parts defrost will the liquid still be in a contaminant state ? Will the frozen wall actually withstand the time of seven years ? What are the predictions of another Tsunami and or earthquake in the region and how would the frozen wall be effected ?


In Conclusion

We would wonder are they doing anything to contain the 400 hundred tons that is flowing into the ocean and what happens in seven years if everything goes according to plain ? Is this a solution just to slow down behavioral time in order to come up with more permanent solutions or is there an allowable rate of contaminant to which can seep into our oceans and water ways ? Will the areas surrounding Fukushima ever return to a thriving livable area of happiness again and if so when ?

Here is a website to check out so you can see and read about the ICE WALL straight from the archives of Engadget .




The other question that comes to mind if they are not some how capturing this 400 hundred tons of nuclear waist that is poring into the ocean are they at least tracking it and studying its affect on the environment as a whole ?

So by all means have a safe none radioactive day surfing .


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