Frankensteind Ubuntu OS 2


Updates Not Loading

In the midst of being in a hurry I seen the errors but neglected to fix them in my system in my system using this gooey and that gooey to which were not Ubuntu friendly but had served me well in the past .
I instead decided to reboot to which crashed my system .






The Possible Resolution

I had contemplated this change from the beginning which is a clean install .
So immediately the gears started to turn as I turned to refeather , bring the lightning rod (Cruzer Glide 16 GB ) he said are you sure I replied quickly we must seize the moment .






The Downloading Of Ubuntu 14.04

Quickly I stated recalibrate the lightning rod ( Reformat USB Drive to a Boot-able Drive ) if it were so easy .
The way I had re-calibrated ( Reformatted ) Ubuntu did like .
Quick to the fat 32 lab with this we can recalibrate in know time ( reformat ) .
Now with all the proper recalibrating met and up to par the download was complete Hahaha………..



Installing Ubuntu 14.04

Redfeather had all kinds of questions , will it still have WI/FI how long will it take ?
I had only one WILL IT LIVE Hahaha .
I told redfeather to quickly raise the lightning rod ( Insert USB ) push the on button , THEN THEN (esc , esc , esc ) in order to boot from the USB .


The Conclusion

Some times the best solution is to just start with a clean wipe or slate how ever you want to put it .
The system is fully functional WI/FI properties and all .
This is another grephaxs original we hope you have enjoyed .
Let us know if you liked it and if you have any questions ask away .
I am writing this from a second person perspective trying to bring enjoyment as well as leaving you the reader to start thinking .
Peace I be out .


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