Flash Technology Improvements


Apparently INTEL and a few other companies that produce devices using flash are working on a substantial increase in memory size .
This method brings it into a 3 – D stature using the capabilities of a staking method .
They will be jumping to 3.5 TB and 10 TB .

Flash Memory

So what exactly is flash memory ?
For this explanation I turned to none other than wikipedia .
This is not a important peace of information but if you have your geek side revved up .
Straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you Flash memory .

Concerns with flash getting Bigger

Obviously this advancement in size is very well needed .
With the size and the nature of growing APPS and games and the need for more resources and space to operate properly .
But with this size increase this comes with its own risk from back-doors whether it be for the criminal hacker or espionage tactics from our own government .
For this information I will refer you to an article I wrote a while ago called FLASH DRIVE .
If you thoroughly go threw the article you will see how flash can be hacked and other room hidden to leave room for back-doors and other obscure programs to run .

Ware I learned of This

Gizmag had put out an article explaining about this advancement they go into quit some detail .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of gizmag I give you the high capacity 3 – D flash memory .

In Conclusion

So what is really the risk ?
If your using a flash drive to store highly sensitive Data a program could be hidden that transmits every peace of data on the flash drive .
And as we well know theoretically the flash drive would not need to be plugged into a device with the new advancements in espionage and hacking .
Pace have a great day riding the FLASH DRIVE wave I am out .

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