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Flash in a general Purpose

Flash products in general have become very unsafe whether your dealing with USB devices or memory products .
Time and time again the venerability of flash architecture has come under fire and in view of all these vulnerabilities more and more companies have decided to give flash the chopping block .

Flash hack

Flash is used in so many devices how hard will it be to transition

The latest two make there move on flash architecture is Firefox whom blacklisted them and facebook whom is planing to phase them totally out of there network at some point .
Others who are ahead of the game but not limited to are Linux ( baning them from Chromium and Chrome ) Browsers .
I would like to point out my articles are not about bashing any given product or the over promotion of but educational purposes to inform .
That being said I would like to take a moment to get people thinking about the history of products were dealing with for example but not limited to ( Windows 10 ) and Microsoft .
Microsoft has had a good run for a while and has or had control over some pretty good products but time and time again they promise the world and then leave everyone short handed and say owe well deal with it .
Is it time to try something new ( heres a flash for you ) Linux running Ubuntu or fedora , something other than Windows .
You say owe these OS types are just for the programmers or the wanna be hackers but that is nonsense sure there is learning involved but no more than a windows OS ( I dare you to become the best ) .

Flash were dose it begin and End

This is a rough question two answer because flash has made it into so many products from memory two USB devices and browsers .
Part of the problem lies at the mere fixing of the issues for example but not limited to ( wen changing any program , software OS and so on ) the behavior of the product thus changes leading to yet new issues .
I have in the past written a few articles and if you would like further brushing up on flash and the intrusive vulnerabilities I will leave links in my related articles at the bottom of this Paige .

Back to the Adobe Flash Alert

Terabit-ing and flash dangerous

Flash made into our GPU memory and USB devices with the capability to hide large amounts of hack ware as we terabit

There were actually two different hack vulnerabilities discovered in Flash Adobe the first being A 400 Gigabyte dump .
But all is not lost here with an update available according to arstechnica .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of arstechnica I give you the ADOBE FLASH hack .
The second Hack into flash comes on the heals of no patch as of yet forcing even Firefox to take deep measures to black list flash for the mean time as Facebook moves to eventually eliminate the use of flash totally .
Without further delay straight out of the archives of arstechnica I give you the second ADOBE FLASH hack attack .
Obviously if you read there articles you can see there is more than two Hacks of the security nature going on here leaving everyone to duck or completely move away from flash .
The question is what kind of ripple effect will this have across the NET as a whole ? This dose not just affect the common user just trying to watch videos owe know were talking advertisers marketers and product sales .

In Conclusion

So what can one do until all this gets sorted out ? Well take cover make sure your ear is to the ground do updates and fixes as they become available and tried and true ( true meaning the updates are in use and everything works properly ) .
It is a rough software world out there but believe me wen I tell you there are some good programmers / Hackers who have your back whether it is dealing with Flash or any other product ( OS , Software , Hardware ) .
Peace have a safe day riding the wave of FLASH ADOBE and affiliated products I am out .

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