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Weather we know it or want to admit we all use flash devices , they are very unique as well as handy here is a minor list that might spark your attention but first I must say this article is not meant for or to be construed as defamatory but for a learning reference only. So here we go , Android devices SD cards usb drives and mobile phones. Well you say that is great I love my devices and everything is performing as it should well me two before I continue I just want you to be aware that some of the technical video and material may appear to be boring and a bit ambiguous to some but please bare with it to get the full picture .

The Concern

Years back things were simple you get a usb drive or a SD card they were pretty small in today’s standards but for ease in our example we will stay small , say you go out and buy a 2gb SD card but the card actually contains 4gb of space two are hidden . Interesting but why would they do this is the question? Now remember the example was small but even in this small example these are the suggestions : Malware , eavesdropping , Time stamping , photo capturing these are just a few to be mentioned now that we are Terabyting all over the place one can only imagine how much space is hidden GB, MB and what malicious programs that could be run. Any who here is the peace of technical data that lifted my eye brow to this concern thanks to the chaos communication congress and I applaud the gentlemen for achieving this daunting task enjoy .




The Resolution

This is a tough one it all depends on the complexity of your particular situation for example between 1970 and 1980 the military stopped using SD drives , usb drives and portable hard drives do to security concerns although I am not including that technical data . If your in charge of highly sensitive data know your white hats the ethical hacker they can help . For the every day Joe the common user don’t run out and throw your phone away or any of your other stuff it will be ok just be aware and keep your ears to the ground .

In All Fairness

I felt it within all fairness I would gain more knowledge to see if I could find any if at all opposing viewpoints the first web site I stumbled a crossed was I thought a very basic history of SD cards .
So I thought hmm that was interesting didn’t think about cameras , and so I scrambled a little two find a whole slew of history and technical data and information including but not limited to .
And final but not least I thought only fair to include a technical page on usb drives I feel these last two pages speak the opposing argument within themselves for what ever its worth .


In Conclusion



So there you have it all in a nutty drive shell please excuse the pun have a nice Terabyeting day .


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