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Firefox is a most amazing browser. It has been one of my favorite throughout the years as it is an amazing peace of work, secure and sound, unlike a few I could mention but won’t.

If you haven’t noticed the creators and developers of the browser have been busy, they developed a Firefox OS which was released on a smart phone on July 2, 2011 and on July 5 2013 for a tablet. On May 13 2013 Mozilla gave the opportunity to all developers whom had the know how and interest in building apps for the OS to have a free phone as well as a handset. On May 3 2013 they released a simulator for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Well that’s a brief history but what’s making it all tic. According to the developer’s web site .

Firefox OS

   Firefox OS is an open source product. The entire user interface is a web app. The system is based on Gecko, the enduring engine that also runs the Firefox browser. It sits on top of a Linux kernel called Gonk.


In Conclusion

So if you’re looking to get your feet wet in app development according to the developer’s web site this could be a good place to start. There does appear to be some minimal requirements and I make no representation on what they may or may not give you for I am not a representative.
And may I say happy open sourcing and chi Ching I am out good day!


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