Facebook Auto Play

Auto Play

Facebook and its Auto Play has ruffled quit a few feathers including mine and early on I had learned how to disable the DATA burning function via my I Phone .
Placing Auto play two an only Auto play wen connected two WI/FI so as not two eat all of my DATA minutes up .

The Old Way

Depending on what version of the Facebook APP you are using there are two ways to solve this DATA burning problem or at least gain control back if you just find it annoying .
On your I Phone :
1 ) Open settings
2 ) Scroll down two the Facebook APP ( click it )
3 ) Click on settings in the Facebook APP
4 ) Push the Auto play toggle to WI/FI only

The New Way

On your I Phone :
1 ) Open your Facebook APP
2 ) Click the more Icon
3 ) Scroll down two settings ( Click it )
4 ) Scroll down two videos ( Click it )
5 ) Click auto play ( and here you have three choices you can click the one you desire a check mark shows your choice )

How I Discovered This

One night an old friend stopped by the house and as we threw the Technical conversation back and fourth we ended up talking about music .
He then took out his I Phone in order two share with me a new band he had Ben listening to , out of the corner of my eye I noticed as he scrolled down on his Facebook that every video was Auto Playing .
Knowing he wasn’t connected to my WI/FI I automatically stated , Dude all your videos are auto playing ( He said ya it is so annoying ) I proceeded two tell my friend it was a bit worse than that , for it is a DATA rate burner .
I immediately told him I could solve his issue telling him the old way but two my surprise these IOS functions no longer existed .
So I then brought out my I Phone two find they did not exist on mine either although this was the procedure I officially followed to place mine on WI/FI only auto play .
I told him I would do some research and text him any updated information on the procedure ( So I sent him the new way ) to which he is now a happy Facebooker for the moment .
Within my research I found that the procedure for the I Pad is the same as the I Phone and on there page they give the resolve for android devices as well as computers .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of Facebook I give you the resolve for Auto Play on Facebook .

The other Grinding Factor

In view of the previous facts stated there was something else that had Ben troubling me as of late about Facebook and in the midst of all this it was like someone reached threw my monitor grounded away my eyebrows in order two make room for toothpicks as my jaw hit the floor .

Facebook Views

I happened to notice that on all the videos Facebook is Auto Playing the views rang from 1k two a remarkable 3.5 Million .
Wait do not get so Excited there are some factors to consider Although the numbers are huge they are pretty much false do to the attributed Auto play .
For example but not limited to , wen reviewing your youtube views they are accurate because a person has to fiscally click on it to view it .
So let say you do not care about the revenue end and your all excited and saying two your friends ( Dog look how many views I got ) Sorry to bust your bubble but you got sucked into the false vortex orchestrated by Facebook that means nothing .
I read somewhere but couldn’t seem to find the article that stated Facebook considers a view 3 seconds of play time .

In Conclusion

Some how this is suppose to constitute competition with youtube as in turn Facebook appears to lag out most youtube videos and other players that are not theres .
Two me it appears they miss leading possibly to falsely grab the head way , hopefully this is not true but one things for sure the numbers and the payouts tell the truth in the end .
Peace have a great day surfing with the true revenue of youtube and keeping your devices under your own control I am out .

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