Electric Cars Business And Hack

Electric Cars are they here to Stay



The concept of the Electric vehicle has been considered off and on threw out the centuries and the concept had been shot down for one reason or another . The pure essence of the IDEA was shot down by the educators of aerodynamics saying something like ( The formulated body of a vehicle verses wind drag extracts so much energy making the electric car unfeasible ) .

Electric Cars

Electric cars still needs new concepts .
And government involvement .


But there formula had never set well with me and my argument was ( Think gear ratio ) something we have been aware of sense the invention of the wheel . This argument fell upon death ears in conversation either do to the fact of a corrupt education system using brainwashing techniques by the government to promote there war on oil or my argument was not sound enough . ( what dose it matter the break through is here )
Let us see how much the vision was clouded and held back for one reason or another and in order to this we should look at the history of electric cars . In order to do this see the following page straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you the HISTORY OF ELECTRIC CARS .


Electric cars are now becoming a Necessity

Electric cars verses pollution

The electric cars are needed in places like China and India but will it be enough ?

It dose not matter if you believe in global warming or not and for that matter what you think about the ozone layer one thing is for sure one trip to China will prove the perspective of pollution . Or if you were present during the melting roads of India these both should have been an eyebrow raising event and it is almost a shame that things had to go this far . But as China deals with there pollution factors on a daily bases wearing masks just to grab that one gulp of fresh air back in 2013 they started thinking of going green car . Please sit back and enjoy this next video on the fastest electric car unveiled .



But what about now in 2016 well check out this next video on the anti pollution campaign enjoy .



From what I can tell so far it appears China’s government is working hand and hand with Electric auto makers and implementing electric cars within lower parts of there government . These are some big steps for China but what about America ? Dose America have a plan ? Well yes but unlike China the American government still has there foothold in gas and oil rather than fully supporting any type of green initiative . But none the less there is a plan headed by none other Elon Musk .
Sit back and enjoy this National Geographic Documentary on Elon Musk and Tesla .



This is all a great start but in all this mix are we as consumers you know and yes I said ( YOU ) the consumer are we left wanting more . First ask yourself who is the consumer and what are the numbers in order to understand this concept all you have to do is walk out your door and observe the amount of traffic .

Electric cars Hack

Electric cars hacked for good reason

Electric cars hacks come from some of the simplest places .

So how do hackers of India handle this they use quit a conventional way using a wind turbine enjoy this next video from India .



Well what about the American hacker ? The hacker in this next video claims the IDEA came from his 11 year old son but none the less sit back and enjoy .



In Conclusion

The consumer left wanting knowing clear well the formula exist to rejuvenate the automobiles we drive every day . No need to plug-in but the main substance of car manufactures rely upon is to keep the customer coming back and keeping them engage within there product . I believe this is where Technology within Electric cars is to come into play within the Auto industry having to update and upgrade software and service hardware . Until this Technology becomes prevalent into our mainstream lives and starts being the money maker for the Auto industry we will not be able to grasp the whole essence of the greener world as we would like it .
Have a Nice day riding the wave of the ELECTRIC CARS BUSINESS AND HACK I am out .

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