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Device security can mean many things to different people depending whom you are . Years past the main concern was a common virus attack of some sort that would corrupt files and render a computer useless . Now with the development of smart technology and the ability to be inter connected at all times . Utilizing things like a wallet and leaving valuable information like credit cards or social security numbers .

common Device users

The common person uses everyday device be safe use common sense teach security to your family



Brings us to a heightened perception of needed security for every device but the question remains how can it be done if at all possible ? Device security begins with the holder of the device but with the use of skimmers and other equipment it makes the task more difficult . If your running large networks say for a business or corporations than security is most important whether your developing new top secret ideas or trying to protect employee or customer DATA .

Common Device Security

Device pass-code

Device pass-code dose a lot on the front end be smart listen to the TECH

The common device user having a smart phone , laptop or PC looks toward passwords virus scanners and things of this nature . Obviously all good things but there are further measures that can be taken for example but not limited to .
1 ) Keeping important information limited ( if you have to use information on a device remove it after )

2 ) Use skimming protection items ( they make pants with protective pockets and other items you can slide your device in )
3 ) If you have a family and everyone is using devices ( keep the lines of communication open know what they are doing in other words teach proper procedure and security methods )
4 ) Listen to the Tech world ( keep your ear to the ground so as to be prepared wen security issues arise )
Allot of this so far is common sense but to be honest that is were it all begins . In this world we live in today it is all about the easy way convenience always being logged on or logged in for easy access and even some banks have adapted to this idea . With these concerns of being safe and secure while running our devices the TECH world has been constantly trying to figure out best ways for everyone to stay safe . According to technaition news such a study has been conducted but the study appears to only deal with front end intrusion . Without further delay straight out of the archives of technaition news I give you SHOULD WE DOODLE THE PASSWORD .

Large Business Corporate Device

Device corporate and security

corporate device have fallen behind using old and outdated software

Large business and corporate devices handles a lot of ground from our legal system two our health care facilities . The main problem here seems to be the continual use of outdated software some that are no longer supported . As many are arguing over encryption there could be bigger things at risk is this an argument of clarity for all or an infringement upon civil rights ? Straight out of the archives of RT I give you the supposed ENCRYPTION BILL . But still there is a larger risk at hand a term your sure to have heard of ( RANSOM WARE ) . Whether the ransom ware hacker uses encryption to further there goal this I am unsure of but the whole problem is most Corporate or larger business are paying up and not reporting the situation as reported by arstechnia . Straight out of the archives of arstechnia I give you the NEWLY EVOLVED RANSOM WARE .

In Conclusion

This is a lot of information to digest but there is a bottom line here . Whether your just a common user or a large business owner or corporation in the fields of medical or legal keep your systems up to date read security bulletins . Most importantly use common sense and use the tools that are available from security teams like penetrating testers and alert systems . Some of these things may take time and money but in the end they should pay off better to be safe then sorry . A couple of things not mentioned in this article are back-doors and flash intrusion I have already written such articles .

Have a nice day riding the wave of DEVICE SECURITY PHONE TO COMPUTER I am out

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