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Crowdfunding 101

I was just visiting my buddies over at hackaday and man they always have it going on .
But while I was there the thing that raised my brow slightly was a Crowdfunding article / debate concerning a three maned company trying to create a miniature gaming computer .
I am not sure if the company in question ( The Silent Power ) Is ligament or just a bunch of scamming three somers but the point is they’ve had what ever ideas and tested the waters of Crowdfunding and wen for what ever reason the traditional crowfunding failed they developed there own via pay pal although apparently frozen at this time but still collecting funds to the said pay pal account awaiting for the great freeze to be over to hopefully meet there goal .
But here is the point at least these guys tried crowdfunding whether there scamming or not .
So if you have a legitimate feasible concept or own a company that needs growth kick it up a notch with the use of crowdfunding it is realy the way to go and if your not familiar with Crowdfunding I urge you to search our site via top left hand corner ( Crowdfunding ) for previous articles to get your feet wet then you can go from there .




Man what a good site for hacks and debating Technology they always seem to get the job done in the most Persis manor all the way but not limited to blue prints , photos and video and well being tech savvy .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of hackaday I bring you there article on The Most Insane Crowdfunding .



The Challenge

If your at all tech savvy and know your mother boards two your hardware heat sinks and so on .
I challenge you to join there conversation and add your intellectual input .
But of course at least skim all other comments so to try not to be repetitive .



In Conclusion

The thing that struck me funny although being unsure of , they were saying or stating the factors of a copper product as a heat sink .
I thought copper gives off a toxic fume wen heated although I could be wrong and or maybe its not considered to heat up to the toxic rang .
In any event have a great Crowdfunding hackaday surfing day peace I be out .


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