Cookies And Milk For The Hacker

Milk and Cookies



You just have to love them they go hand in hand but wen you have one without the other one can not help but feel if you will ( odd ) . In this article there will be some key features of representation so let this first part serve as the key to the article similar as a map ( KEY ) if you will .

Cookies and milk for the hacker

Cookies in this article represents cookies given by a website milk represents the INTERNET .




Wen referring to Milk we are meaning ( INTERNET ) wen referring to Cookies we are meaning those served up by ( Websites ) on the ( INTERNET ) . Wen referring to ( HACKERS ) we are referring to all colored ( HATS ) unless otherwise specified . The information contained within this article is being put together for Educational purposes only and can be easily and widely obtained on the milk ( INTERNET ) .
Any actions taken notoriously form the information contained within this article Grep haxs and affiliates can not be held responsible being that the information is partial and highly accessible on the milk ( INTERNET ) . If you decide to say build a server and use any of the techniques on your self proceed at your own risk . Now that we have the disclaimer stated let us move on .

Cookies freshly Baked

Cookies and milk for the hacker

Wen we start sipping that milk the website chef notices and says hey i have fresh baked cookies for your system or browser .

So we poor a nice glass of milk ( Jump on the Net ) and proceed to what ever website and in most cases but not always there is a chief there that says hey I noticed your milk I have some fresh baked cookies . So just what are cookies ? This is a good question but just like the cookie you would eat web ( cookies ) have very many flavors that serve different purposes . For the best answer straight ought of the archives of wikipedia I give you COOKIES . In the midst of security and vulnerability factors it is almost a two fold situation on the one hand everything is working great on the other new security updates come out the ponder-meant ( Has the new update been securely tested and if not what new vulnerabilities will arise ? ) . And there are some that are way behind the times at least from last reports I had received and are running outdated as well as no longer supported security systems . Some of these systems are run by local government and state run facilities which may or may not include airports electric companies and other government offices . So one has to wonder wen we here of hacks like as of late such as the supposed Russian laptop found to have hacked into New Hampshire electric what and how up to date there system was ( or was it a programmers mishap ) . As well we can not forget the particular organizations held for ransom ware and for that matter the mere notations of the Russians hacking the political arena . Not saying this was done in this particular manor of handing out stale cookies but one can only ponder . Stale cookies is a new term in this article but the term stale is referring to already obtained or ( held on to for replacement of ) .

Hackers stale Cookies

cookies and milk for the hacker

Imagine the smell of the fresh cookies but then it is gone and replaced with a stale one .

Imagine your served up a cookie straight out of the oven to go with your milk nice and moist smelling great than it stolen and replaced with a hours old cookie ( Hardened without the fresh aroma ) . It still tastes good and still goes good with milk well a similar event happens with cookies ( from a website ) and milk the ( INTERNET ) . So how dose this all occur well one of two things can aid hackers to pull this off like I said earlier outdated OS with outdated security protocol or whom ever built the website has lax security protocol within there programming implementation . Please enjoy the following video in order to get a clearer picture of how it is done enjoy




So you maybe noticing a couple of things one if your a programmer developing websites and your noticing some of your lax implementation maybe it is time to fix them ? Two the necessity to update or not update OS and security protocol and the true worth of professionally built websites . Do I know or could I refer anyone to do such a professional build ? Well yes and I am glad you asked and thinking that some of my readers may use LINUX and are interested in a good video editor enjoy the next video straight out of the archives of Grep Haxs . The first part of the video shows the web developers card as I demonstrate the use of advertising in Kdenlive if you do not wish to view this video I will also leave a link to there site below the video .
Please enjoy .




The developers website I speak of is none other than Dynamic Bit Technologies I could say many good things about this company but I think there website speaks for itself . I would like to say you will not be disappointed straight out of there archives I give you DYNAMIC BIT TECHNOLOGIES .

In Conclusion

Thank you for reading this article and viewing the contents there in I hope you have found this information helpful . Please feel free to comment and if you viewed the kdenlive video why not check out the rest of our youtube channel and for that matter become a subscriber and if you do thank you in advance . For the most part drinking the milk and eating the cookies is quit enjoyable but sometimes things can go totally wrong and the Heimlich maneuver is needed .
Have a nice day while riding the wave of COOKIES AND MILK FOR THE HACKER I am out .

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