Computer Language Of The Forgotten

Computer language in broad Terms



In this article and using the term computer language and the use thereof is to represent all computer devices as it relates to the functionality and build . Also included are any items that hook up to any given computer device ( Software , USB , WI/FI antenna or otherwise and hardware ) .

Computer hardware

Computer language wen broke down two the basic form can communicate with any software or device .


Throughout the years of playing video games and watching this hack and that and hearing and seeing this person or that being hacked or reading of such . It had dawned on me that although these many issues were brought to everyones attention and a fix in most cases had taken place the underlying issue was not being discussed . The reason these things are not being discussed is the language of the forgotten works hand in hand with a few things here is a list .
1 ) Development of ( new software and hardware and drivers )
2 ) The ongoing espionage through ( the governments or rival companies )
3 ) Hackers ( Used by formidable companies and those whom are of the notorious type )
This language is in such a mix that it appears some have tried too belittle the title to the lower end of the spectrum . Within this mix there was a war that still wages on today the importance of a controlling factor hardware or software . It seems like the old paradigm lives on which came first the chicken or the egg ( software or hardware ) although this is a total other subject but dose seem to hold prevalence . So what is this forgotten language ( or pushed aside hidden ) I speak of none other than ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE .

Computer assembly Language


Computer assembly language

Computer language wen broken down to assembly or machine code allows implanting back-doors and manipulation as well as change to any given instruction .


Before we go any further there are some Terminology that would be helpful in order to understand how and why assembly language and or hand-coding is being hidden or belittled ( as non important ) . Although by many considered the epic language of all bringing Hacks , business and espionage all to life in one single sweep or ( SUDO stroke ) . The first defining part of this Terminology is a compiler so just what is a compiler ? Straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you the definition of COMPILER . Second straight out of the archive of wikipedia what is a DECOMPILER . And third but not least straight out of the archives of wikipedia what is a DISASSEMBLER . Now that we are slightly familiar and for those first seeing these terms we can move on . Straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you what is HAND-CODING . Next in line and for those whom are tedious in there research will notice is where the peaces start to fall into place . Straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you what is ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE . So if you have looked thoroughly within the documentation I have just shared you should have noticed a few concept points . Whether you are in the business of writing similar software to keep up with competition or dealing in espionage or a hacker trying to do implementation into a said software . Assembly language or Hand-coding becomes the epic Computer Language .

Computer language tools Examples

Computer assembly language

Computer assembly language is ( sudo ) epic .

As far as I know there is not a one size fits all wen it comes to compilers unless you possibly build one yourself although this in itself would take a tremendous amount of time .
In this video there is a quick description of compiling enjoy .



In this next video there is an example of decompiling enjoy .



In order to put this in a little more perspective here is a video showing how to compile android using Linux .




And last but not least compiling the Linux Kernel enjoy .




In Conclusion

There are many reasons why you would want to break code to its most fundamental values . If we think in the realms of security by decompiling we can comparatively view the source and see of any manipulation . Or as a defensive position cause manipulation and in business see the operation in order to create similar but better functionality . Although these functions are the composites of the hacker as well as we have seen in some of the latest hacks across the world as in the article I wrote CYBER ATTACK WITH HUNTING OR HACKING IN MIND . Sure enough it has been stated this type of cyber computing hack would not be the last and the next one shall be much larger and one could only see that this as we move closer to IOT . But then again this may be the only official defense to AI as it progresses to humanity as they teach AI profiling techniques and if AI were to try to take over the world . I hope you have a nice day riding the wave of COMPUTER LANGUAGE OF THE FORGOTTEN I am out .

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