Chromebook: Turn on Developer Mode


How do I turn on developer mode on a Chromebook?

Warning: Entering developer mode will wipe all data off of the SSD.

on a HP Chromebook  14″ With the machine booted Press ESC+REFRESH BUTTON + POWER at the same time.


The chromebook will reboot and you will be met with a message stating “ChromeOS is missing or not found”. Press CTL+D on the keyboard to skip this message. You will then be prompted by another message stating “To turn OS Verification off press enter”. Press ENTER. Your chromebook will then reboot, and prompt with a screen stating “OS Verification is off”. Press CTL+D to skip this message. You will then be prompted with a message “Your system is transitioning into developer mode. Local data has been cleared. Modifications you make to the system are not supported by Google, may cause hardware damage and may void your warranty. To cancel, turn your computer off now”. A timer is set in the top left hand corner of the screen to 30 seconds. Wait for the timer to reach 0. Once the timer has reached 0 you will be prompted with a new message “Preparing system for developer mode. This may take awhile. Do not turn your computer off until it restarts”. Wait for this process to complete; Once the process has complete the chromebook will reboot and you will be met with the message again “OS Verification is off”. Press CTL+D to skip this screen and boot the machine.

Chromebook developer mode

Chromebook OS Verification

Note: If you wish to restore your chromebook back to factory and re-wipe your data, reboot your chromebook and press space bar when the following message appears “OS Verification is off. Press space to re-enable”. Pressing space bar will reset your chromebook back to factory with OS verification back on.

Once the chromebook is in developer mode you will be able to take full advantage of the shell command. The shell command is access from the crosh terminal window.

To access the crosh terminal windows press CTLR+ALT+T on your keyboard.

Once open type shell and press enter. This puts you into a shell capable of some basic linux commands. This mode is also used for loading linux with the crouton script.


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