Chrome meets Cuba



Awe yes Cuba I can smell the aroma of the cigar already , finally Google say we can get you on chrome legally and there probably all having a sigh of relief or they threw a down right party of celebration .
So what about the cigar owe wait , wait was I not supposed to say that .

Cuban cigars are not legal here at least last I remember .
Hmm owe wait I have a great idea lets do it the political way trade agreement ( search Trade Agreement top left hand corner of this site ) theres no transparency we can form a bill and then attach it to another bill in a forcible non expecting manner you will be selling all your cigars here in no time .



Trade Agreement

This is one of the things that needs to be restructured there is no transparency you can call just about anything a trade agreement and from my understanding thats how last minute bills are added to an existing bill waiting to be voted on .
The way it works is a party is trying to pass a bill but they need votes so they go ask some josmo congressmen and he says well man I like what your saying here but I need a favor in return here attach this trade agreement and we will be good to go .
So enough of this rambling on without further delay straight out of the archives of engadget I bring you Chrome meets Cuba .




In Conclusion

So I welcome you Cuba to Chrome and hopefully the total Google + experience it is truly amazing I hope you enjoy .
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Peace and have a safe Chrome surfing day .


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