Business Is It Still A Dogie Eat Dogie World

Business And The Competitor



In the business world it can be tough always struggling to be on top and being the best you can be .
Even I as write this I find myself in this similar atmosphere trying to think of new innovative ways to make my articles popular as I compete with a half a billion other writers ( the struggle is real ) .
If for example you open a sandwich shop selling a specialty sandwich your competing store are sure to try and mimic your money maker .
But this article is not about me or the sandwich maker but it is about the Big Dogs .


Business big dog

Business is it still dogie eat dogie ?

So whom are these big dogs I speak of ?
The Big Dogs I speak of are the services we all use today on an every day basis from our work to our play these companies are as follows but are not limited to and are highly competitive in the business world .
1 Google
3 Microsoft
4 Linux
5 Apple
6 Facebook

Although the competitive nature of each company still prevalent and the secretive arena still survives sometimes in business you have to lower the hatchet and show some love in order to survive .
To understand this competitive nature pleas refer to this article straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you COMPETITIVENESS .

In Business How Has This Competitiveness Occurred

Business handshake

What will the outcome be with all this handshaking hugging and love in the Business world ?

The lowering of the hatchet the Love hugs and handshakes all for the sake of the cloud .
But the question is how far will this Competitiveness go and within this business Competitiveness how much will be compromised from one company to the other ?
After all lets not forget about open source and propriety to none propriety .
For an example of this Business Competitiveness nature please refer to the following article straight out of the archives of Venturebeat I give you MICROSOFT SHOWS OFF A SQL SERVER IN LINUX CONTAINER USING DOCKER .
Keep in mind I am not saying any of this is bad or good only time will show this and also keep in mind that although the Venturebeat article encompasses Microsoft and Linux the other companies are in the mix doing there own handshaking and dropping the hatchet .

Wait It Appears In Business There Still Is A Dogie Eat Dogie Premise

Business competitor analysis

the business acquisition by Microsoft purchasing Linkedin puts them in good position to do competitor analysis

First let us explore how the big Dogs in the Business survive and make improvements and acquisitions to protect themselves from the competitor .
This is done by knowing the competition so how do the big Dogs do it ?
Threw competitive analytics for the explanation of this straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you COMPETITOR ANALYSIS .
Now that we understand how the big Dogs make there moves in this business world we should consider Microsoft’s most recent acquisition of Linkedin for this straight out of the archives of the business insider I give you MICROSOFT BUYS LINKEDIN .

In Conclusion

So what will come from all this handshaking loving and hugging ?
In Business terms will it be good for the little guy or mainly benefit the big dogs ?
Will any of the big dogs in this business venture lose face and suffer or be over compromised beyond repair ?
Will IBM and other competitors of Microsoft be taking a big dry gulp as Microsoft’s purchase puts them in a good place to run competitor analysis ?
So many unanswered questions that only time can tell but one thing is for sure although the competitive hatchet has been lowered it has only done so to be placed upon the sharpening stone good luck .

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