Browser Struggle Meets Data Struggle

Browser struggle meets the Data struggle you can not deny the fact that each and everyone of us has a favorite operating system and or ways to contain store and sync our Data . These are very prosperous endeavors and in doing so we hope the choices we make are accurate and secure whether it be for browser choice OS and or Data storage and syncing . Although after you have made all of what you think were the best of choices for you your Data and syncing as well as browser and security options to have them yanked and redirected without warning ?

As of late my main focus has been on the Grep Haxs YouTube channel making videos as well as undergoing other training . The latest portion of my training brought me to windows and to be totally honest I had done very little within a windows OS since XP . The system running the Microsoft OS needed some attention love and care i.e. updates and such so I proceeded until I reached what I thought was a comfortable state .

Browser Microsoft Edge

Edge Browser

Edge Browser is this your preferred browser and are you syncing data



While oddly enough in this new learning challenge an update for the edge browser kept knocking at my door and on top of that a good friend of mine started to take some academic classes at a prominent collage . Being the well known condition of our world today most or at least in part academic learning is being conducted via online . I quote the schools recommendation to my friend with the newly purchased laptop in order to access the school infrastructure of learning for browsers would be to use Firefox or Chrome browser . The reason Microsoft edge or internet explorer browsers gave way to many issues not only to there IT department but to the common user trying to submit work . This caused a minor rise to one of my eyebrows but knowing what I already know and having heard similar complaints from the grandchildren I was not surprised . Now my friend is not much of a tech person at all The person pretty much skipped the whole PC era and only had knowledge of smart phone operations and for the most part needs help there from time to time . The college and there IT department helped to install Chrome on the newly purchased Microsoft windows ten system .
Per my friends description a assignment was completed and was ready to be submitted one click on the Chrome browser gave no response . The Tech or professor assisting the browser functionality most likely new the issue but in most cases a straight line is the quickest way hence the install of Firefox to which the browser did the trick . For most of my readers you know me by now both my eyebrows were totally inverted so I had to dig a bit deeper into this browser struggle as the newer edge inadvertently kept poking me in the side . One might think well just use what you want and go about your business well it is all about training for me and wen I see something like this my mind just wont shut off until I figure it out . So I went on a search to try and find more info and that is when my jaw hit the floor and where I discovered the Browser struggle meets the Data struggle .


Browser Edge Meets Chrome

Browser Edge meets Chrome

Browser edge meets Chrome during update and then another update to the new edge did edge re-sync all data ?



In order to see and understand this point please see the following link straight out of the archives of the How To Geek I give you What You Need To Know About The New Microsoft Browser Edge .
In order to understand and clarify the information within the How To Geek article please see the following link straight out of the archives of Wikipedia I give you the History Of Microsoft Edge .
Being we know what we know so far about this Browser Data struggle this information maybe concerning to some but not others . For example if you are a hardcore windows user you may prefer to have all of your data synced through Microsoft or if your someone whom looks forward to IOT this may not be a concern to you . For those whom do find this concerning there are a few things to consider the first being if you are utilizing windows and in trying to be secure and installed all necessary updates and in doing so installed the browser Microsoft edge and or the updated Edge browser . But prior to this you had installed the Chrome browser did the Microsoft edge browser automatically make itself the default browser placing almost a new term on default by syncing all of your data to it without your knowledge ? According to the how to geek article one of the ways to test this out is to take the Chrome browser for a ride going to a google store once there if this is the case google will then request you to install there extensions that were apparently torn away and replaced by Microsoft edge . Also according to the how to geek article because the same engine was used to build both browsers once this has been done you are using a Chrome browser that is actually the Microsoft edge browser . There is caution to be taken here as this dose not mean to run out and install all and any google extension without knowing what they do and understanding there terms and conditions . There maybe ways to correct this but at this time I am not aware of how to do this because defining the actual browser it appears would be difficult .



In Conclusion

Really I am not saying one way our the other is correct although if the browser Microsoft Edge automatically re-synced data without proper user acknowledgment this could be a security risk . I mean after all we are not just talking e-mail here were talking about financial information to business information and infrastructure things that people and professional business put in the hands of Goggle to protect . So if Microsoft Edge has a security issue you maybe thinking your safe because you use Google Chrome but are you sure or has the Microsoft Edge browser high jacked what you thought was Chrome ? So how could this all occur well there are a couple of reasons but they are not limited to .
Data having as opposed to data buying the holding and control of such data increases the size and worth of a company . Also as I slightly mentioned earlier about there being a movement for the internet of all things but once this is done it puts all of our eggs in one basket . It is really up to you the reader to determine what is best for you and or your company there is much to keep an eye on here and more research needs to be done by you as I do not have all the answers . I hope you have enjoyed riding the wave of Browser Struggle Meets Data struggle .

Thank you in advance I am out

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