BMW/Rolls Royce and Security

Cars Software two Hardware


Most people are aware that all cars come with some type of computer these days in order for smooth functionality .
But as we loom closer and closer to our futuristic needs and increased technology WI/FI seems to be the big hit .
With the on-slot of onstar , video players and streaming music all this brought via software wireless threw the implanted hard drive on our cars .

The Concern

In past days the computers of a car had Ben subject two delivering fuel injection and door locks amongst other things without the use of WI/FI .
With the on-slot of WI/FI capabilities security for our drivable computers has become an issue .
For example but not limited two :
1 ) Wen buying a new car ( Dose it update via WI/FI and is there an extra expense for this and has it Ben updated before purchase ? )
2 ) If you have take out a loan to buy the car ( Will the loan company or the car dealer be able to make the car not accessible and or just lock you out ? )
3 ) Wen buying a second hand car ( From an independent owner is there a way two tell if an update is needed and or if the WI/FI was just shut off ? )
4 ) Is there a way to totally shut off The WI/FI two avoid some one from hacking and stealing the vehicle or possibly causing an orchestrated accident ?

BMW and Rolls Royce

If you own one of these babies this technology is up and running although prier two this last update for BMW all there vehicles were updated via recall .
So I guise the question is , is your BMW or Rolls Royce up to date ?
Because according to Engadget there was a recall for security updates in 2014 but not everyone whom owns these vehicles got the update and hackers are still stealing those cars .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of endgadget I give you security updates for BMW/Rolls Royce .


On Board Diagnostics systems in the old days used basic idiot lights and then it went to a series of beeps of codes rendered by the ignition key but now with WI/FI hackers can control all OBD functions .
Two give you a better picture of the OBD functionality straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you the OBD .


Some people seem to think the whole reason behind the computerized WI/FI functionality is two bring self driving cars into our grasp .
Google has already produced a self driving car but with our WI/FI air ways already being clogged is this were the fast lane slow lane net neutrality push is coming from ?
So without further delay straight out of the archives of sfweekly I give you the self driven car .

What Could Happen

So what could happen if you were driving along and a hacker found his way into your OBD system and tried to cause some problems ?
Well according to cnet whom I might add was paying attention at def con these are the items that could be compromised but not limited two .
1 ) Your steering
2 ) Your breaks
3 ) Your locks
But look don’t take my word for it check this out , straight out of the archives of cnet I give you the new released automotive hack .

In Conclusion



Within the OBD functionality there are many functions but the most pertinent were discussed in view of safety .
The question is are these just back-doors being left open on purpose two feed in to the big brother need for big data ?
Will we some day see all vehicles shut down within a 50 mile radius in order to curb some type of crime ?
Will this one day bring lower insurance rates and less durable cars if we opt to let our cars drive us two the store and not touch the wheel ?
Who knows but have a safe day surfing the Auto WI/FI wave peace I am out .

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