Bluetooth-ing And The Competitive Nature

Bluetooth and wen it all Started


Bluetooth I remember the first introductions of this Technology when it hit devices although I had Ben skeptical of bluetooth from the get I mean just thinking of the mere security risk .
Is bluetooth on off and who can see whats going on but then as time past and seeing some use the technology and out of most a lot of frustration because most often than not it just did not work .

But something remained in the looming obis of my mind ( But at the time it was not enough to matter ) .
But now it seems apparent bluetooth technology had much bigger plains and the ongoing mere mention of the utilization of this Technology was just a marketing ploy to get things into place .
From my own synopsis with very little credible items to back it up was that bluetooth had set aside room that was not available to the common user but set aside for a much bigger infrastructure futuristic use .

Bluetooth were it was and were it has Gone

King Herald Bluetooth

Bluetooth has a big history including king ship and Christianity

Be leave it or not bluetooth has quit a history with somewhat of Christian background which was all inspired by a king from Denmark and is now in the possession of some large Telecommunication organization .
After the mere mention of bluetooth technology it has creped in owe so quietly into just about everything we use these days from but not limited to Cars , Airplanes , Computers and phones .
But do not just take it from me check out the history of bluetooth for your self .
So for those history buffs and computer nerds alike it is a must see , so without further delay straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you the history of bluetooth .

Bluetooth and whom is picking it Up

It is well known that Apple has Ben quit frequent in there bluetooth-ing episodes and making quit a profitable margin off of it I might add .
But now theres a new kid on the block to do some bluetooth-ing , thats right the competition is at hand according to eweek Google launched there very own open source bluetooth Technology .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of eweek I give you the new bluetooth kid on the block Google’s LE BECONE TECHNOLOGY .

In Conclusion

I really think Bluetooth investment for any company is huge .
But at the same time there is much to be cautious of I believe there are still a lot of security risks involved because of the infrastructure development of hidden room for future development and deployment .
And I am almost pretty sure bluetooth shall play a big role if not already in development of The Internet Of All Things .
Peace have a great day riding the BLUETOOTH wave I am out .

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