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I took a quick look to see what people were claiming to be the best jobs , and they still state that technology ranks number one on the list . But it remains a mystery for how long , our schools have engrossed programming with in our kids as early as kinder garden . I don’t believe I have ever seen such an on-slot of carrier orientation except within our technical schools . This brings new challenges for parents and grandparents of the like , whom ever helps with the homework , so brush it up and put your best thinking cap on . And by all means be prepared for when these generational goo rues hit graduation stance things may change into like a baby booming technology error never before seen , will this cause a halt in the technology job seeker do to over crowding in a field we will just have to wait and see . The medical field is a bit different the push is not there and it is a very hard job physically and mentally having to keep emotions separated . So the best advice is keep your eyes on the stats and for goodness sake choose to do something you enjoy if at all possible . So without further delay straight from the archives of Money US News .



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