Apple The Thinning Update

What is Apples Thinning



Apparently in Apples prior updates according to arstechnica , the update made APPS appear bigger than they actually were taking up large amounts of space .
In any given situation there is a cause and effect .

The cause of course in this case appears to be Apple themselves .
The effect ripples back to developers with a possible end result landing in the consumers lap .
Is this the way Apple is saying honey I am home ?
It just reminds me to much of The Shining ( The Thinning ) check out this clip is this what Apple is saying ?


Apples APP thinning and Consumer effects

So what could and most likely will end up in the laps of consumers in relation to APP thinning .

1 ) Lag ( The # 1 most hated feature in the Gaming world )
The prospect of this lag , you are only given what you need for the moment therefore the said game must request from said servers more resources .
2 ) Resource request ( Data burner )
Depending on your Data plane many strong Gamer will most likely see a huge jump in usage this alarming demand of Data usage may cause many to go over and have to dip deeper into the pocket .
There may be a few I haven’t thought of but at least I have you thinking in the right direction .

Apples gain and Pros for Developers

So we should clearly see with this move Apple stands to gain quit a bit and from my view point with this type of company move I can see Apple profits soring threw the roof .
On the developers side I can see profits to be made there as well , think of it in order to play any said Game resources will have to called upon .
Instead of an APP being resourced once for download the said APP will get thousands if not millions of request ( hits ) and this of course may catapult the APP world for a short time .
At this time I think it is best to share where I have obtained this information from .
Just a foot note ( the web Paige is not just not for the consumer but developers as well ) .
Without further delay straight out of the archives of arstechnia I give you Apples APP Thinning.

Not necessarily related to Apple or Is It

Vmware thin APP , in my result search to try to find any other companies using APP thinning to which I came up empty handed at this time .
I did accumulate a every geeks gold mind so put your geek cap on for a second .
Vmware thin APP can run any program without installation and is none effective to your system running in a virtual shell in sort of a cage .
This may be where Apple got the premises for there idea or maybe not who knows .
Without further delay straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you the geeks gold mind Vmware thin APP .

In Conclusion


The bottom line know your device and keep an I out for changes some are good and some could be crippling to your consecutive dollar .
Will this new perspective update take the CRUSH out of ( Candy Crush ) and crush Apple .
Or will they just run with it as long as they can hoping consumers wont notice ?
The perspective out look appears Apple will be reaching into each device and deleting items wen they think you do not need them any more .
And with the possible up requests made to any given APP on a regular basis dose allow for a corrupt venue of criminal or espionage to take place .
For those who travel responsibly to are DATA plans and update WI/FI only this could be a total game stopper .
Peace have a great day hope to see you on the gaming field in the mean time be safe riding THE APPLE UPDATE wave I am out .

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