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AMD and any Company



One thing is for sure it dose not matter what size your company is even if just the beginning of a new dream baby or a major multi billion dollar company growth and restructure is paramount .
Becoming stagnant in the world of business could cause certain catastrophic collapse .

AMD first Move

AMD first move was apparently to higher a consultant team to help them sort things out .
This could go ether way , if the firm only looks at the algorithm for the loss of the consecutive dollar and tries to sharpen those tools “ which can be a very good thing “ but in doing so loses ground in what the consumers wants and needs are this could my friend cause a collapse .

AMD and the hired Team

AMD graphics may split

AMD graphics department and Big Data may split

The consultant team looking at AMD is seeing the company as a whole , Big Data servers and the Graphics department together as possibly bad “ JU JU “ .
Wanting to separate the two and one could only imagine the difficulties of having such a large organizational function .
Usually it boils done to justifying profit and profit loss with such a large organization it is hard for anyone to see the real issue and a separation could mean two things .
1 ) The availability to fine tune ( Each owning there own algorithm )
2 ) Bringing back a competitive nature to be the best ( allowing proper acquisition of funds )
And as well with any company this could point out were if at all a total lose is and closers or cut backs that may be needed .
If you have your Geeky business hat on and would like a quick business look at whats Ben going on with AMD and agreements made with INTEL I will refer you to none other than wikipedia .
Straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give the history of AMD .

AMD the profit Margin

AMD profit margin

AMD maid profits in the console world

The profits were quit clear form the Graphic department But not so much from the Big Data server division according to an article written by technationnews .
But in the same token there were probably some big chunks of that profit spent with in different moves by AMD Graphic department .
Mergers can be fun but at times costly for example the merger with ATI but who is ATI ?
Straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you the history of ATI .
Apparently this merger was brought about do to INTEL barking at the heals of AMD .
This allowed proper infrastructure integration into the console box gaming industry like X-Box and PS-4 to name a few .
Wen mergers are made it is similar in part to starting a new company and the pull of potential and or profits sometimes are not seen for a year or better sometimes causing hasty sails as I like to call them .
Without further delay straight out of the archives of technationnews I give you the possible breakup AMD departments .

In Conclusion

Would this separation of AMD departments give them the fung shui needed to pull it all back together ( for it may be determined one heavier branch on a tree will cause it to lean and so it is with one branch )
Dose Big Data need graphics and vise versa ? I say yes very much so in this extremely intense gaming world .
Only the future will tell the true story weather INTEL takes the lead and who will mine there profits adequately or if a new company will jump in the running leaving both companies licking there wounds .
Peace have a great day riding the AMD wave I am out .

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