A Rant On Speed

Net Neutrality


Are we ready for a Change in how are Internet operates? I remember back in the day when dial up was the only way to connect to the internet. When viewing videos was nearly impossible. When playing a game over the internet was a dream. But now with broadband and other technology we are surfing along at blazing fast speeds with very little if at any lag. Unfortunately our government has been called upon for a new regulation that would allow for prioritized high band channels. This is the answer to ISP’s that are throttling traffic on select services. Services like Netflix would pay a higher cost to be on the prioritized channels. This in-turn would cause for the additional costs to be passed along to the users of said services. There’s also a petition that is moving against such regulations. It has been said that if the fast lane and slow lanes are implemented, it will Change the internet as we know it. Crowded “free” pipes would be forgotten in favor of the “Prioritized/payed” pipes. It is believed that there are certain products that already exist in the faster prioritized lane such as Apples IPhone services. These “prioritized pipes” have not been talked about much and have been swept under the rug but this next move seems like its going to have a huge impact on us all one way or another.


The Speculation


So who is supporting this and pushing it and or backing it? I am not sure but if I was to speculate I would say the big movie industries have a big hand in it, Netflix and Comcast have which are great companies have already been screaming for a similar deal but still they are the small fish of the movie industries.


In Conclusion


The bottom line the rich wanna get richer so how do they do it take from the poor man blue collar workman family enjoyment that is free after paying the ISP provider and make it more expensive at the isp or eliminate it all together or create such a lag downwind that it will be annoying as heck to continue.
Peace I Am Out .

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