5G Network Upgrade For All America

5G biggest network upgrade of the Century

So how could this be we have been using 4G and before that 3G so what is the big deal ? Well good question . The first thing we should think of ( sort of the cream of the crop ) is the major overhaul that is about to take place in America while jumping into the 5G upgrade . First think of older folks or relatives whom still use landlines or for that matter maybe your own business that still use landlines for fax machines and or transactions .

In this upgrade to 5G eventually all landlines are going by by they will be a thing of the past . For existing landlines and those whom choose to cling to them should at some point receive warnings something like ( landlines for years have kept a constant current even during electrical outages but unfortunately this is not the case any more and if an outage happens landlines will go down and may not recover at all ) . Some may think these statements to be a little far fetched but as you will see further in this article the FCC and phone companies have already chiseled out the contract . I know at least one business owner who had said to me ( I use a landlines connection to do transactions and fax unlike target and other stores making my business more secure ) .

Who is using 5G networks Now

5G networks for all Americans

So whom is using 5G networks as i right this ?
It has been stated some foreign countries as well as government officials and those licensed for experimental use .

In the USA there are very few whom are using 5G the small remnants include but are not limited to some law officials government and otherwise . Also some medical personal possibly like life alert and those granted the right to use 5G for experimental values . So whether this spins you around in the chair or makes you grind your teeth or causes a knee slap we should start to learn more about 5G Networks .
And some are probably thinking I have heard about this and in the article will state the plan for this is the year 2020 But like I said the FCC and Phone companies have the contract chiseled out . So ask yourself how fast dose Technology change . In order to get your feet wet in the 5G Network or to let your brain emirs it self please see the following article straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you 5G . The downfall to the Upgrade to the 5G network is said to be latency issues that may occur so for those whom know little to nothing about latency within networks . Please see the following Paige straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you LATENCY ( ENGINEERING ) .

Catapulting 5G Networks and the Hack

5G networks for all Americans

The present NET ECO system could not hold to the introduction of IOT making 5G networks a necessity

Every product or idea needs a catapult to get it up and running 5G and the accommodation for 5G and the end of landlines is not any different . So I have gathered a small list of whom I think the supporters are to make the push and bring 5G into action well before the 2020 expected deadline .
2 ) Car Manufactures
3 ) Smart City Initiative
4 ) The Cloud
5 ) Advancement to Quantum Computing
5 ) Reeling In You ( The promise intense speed and reliability )

Whether you agree with this or not a couple of things stand out for sure in our current NET Eco system the first five are sure to eventually clog the air waves . The second although I have not checked into this and have no pure premise to back it up but I would imagine phone companies are losing money due to the existing land-line infrastructure . So what are we rely talking about here well I will boil it down in a nut shell with another list .

1 ) Advancing the amount of GHz and MHz and allowable usage there of
2 ) The use of the ( O molecule within 5G ) which may or may not effect latency wen in dry our humid times ( no credible Links to this as the information has been bumped along with radiation frequency )

So lets keep a blind I to this and move on to the discovery of the term HERTZ as used in GHz and MHz . In the most laymen terms we are talking about radio signals and vibrations with an accumulated power percentage known as WI/FI the hidden factor . Please see the following Paige straight out of the archives of wikipedia what is HERTZ . I could spend my time rambling on about the ( O molecule ) ( represented from CO2 molecules as I understood it ) to be used or the ( radiation frequency transmission ) or the ( inter connectivity ) similar to what was used in BIT Torrents but not without credible links . Being that said and understanding the terminology of HERTZ I will now refer you to the initial article that gave me motivation to right this . Straight out of the archives of arstechnia I give you TURN ON 5G TURN OFF OLD LANDLINES . Hopefully thinking you were able to rap your head around all this information about radio signals and vibrations this brings us to the hack . Remember a few years back or so certain people were talking about going off the NET grid using only air waves machine to machine ? Well here is the HACK that will drop there jaw data that is drawn purely from vibration every system dose vibrate from one extent to another even if you can not here it .
Straight out of the archives of wired I give you CLEVER ATTACK USES SOUND .

In Conclusion

So what will this mean for the million or so businesses that still use landlines for fax and monetary values and will companies follow the FCC guidelines to bring a compatible package at prices we can afford ? Will we be stuck in some obscure throttle mode until advancing to 5G ? Will 5G bring fourth Quantum computing and further use of Holographic ? Sure enough it seems to be set to upswing gaming along with cloud infrastructures and the advancements of APP applications well beyond what we know them as today . Things not talked about yet a single midst of electrical power delivered in a software container I know I am stretching it but just wait a few to ten years it will happen .
Have a nice day riding the wave of the 5G NETWORK FOR ALL AMERICANS I am out .

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