4-K Resolution Revolution

HD Quality

HD Quality is all what we are used to hearing about the High Definition which brought us much clearer pictures and resolution .
Well apparently youtube and others like Netflix as well as the producers of smart Televisions have decided to take it to the next level with the use of 4-K .

Some people are going as far as saying that 4-K is the next big jump because of the failure of the 3-D industry .

But from my Perspective

3-D is not a total write off or failure but has Ben hampered with in its expansion do to the lack of capability .
If I am not mistaken part of the 3-D imaging is Holography .
Holography is the art of making a Hologram although at some point 4-K or HD could be the deliverance software for A 3-D Holographic image .
Right know Holographic 3-D imaging is very big in the medical field .
The biggest issue it appears with Holographic 3-D imaging is bringing it to the theatrical as well video game spectrum .
But Microsoft had begun to scratch this surface .
Her is a nice video showing some advancements in holographic 3-D imaging in the medical field .

4-K Resolution


So just what is 4-K Resolution ?
This is a good question because as with a lot of things there can be some confusion and being on the borderline of miss representation .
According to wikipedia High Definition and 4-K Resolution are to separate and different animals .
Almost like horses but of different colors and although stating it is HD 4-K it is not actually HD .
So in oder to bring this clarity check out this wikipedia page about 4-K .

The 4-K Reviews

The latest 4-K reviews have Ben done in reference to youtube starting to use 4-K .
Endgadget had put out the first review I seen and within there review demonstrated a complaint concerning the buffering .
I watched every video they had displayed to demonstrate the buffering issue .
In all the videos they had in there article did appear to buffer and some had a lot of Skipping .
Although it was unclear as to the representation and action of each video .
Straight out of the archives of endgadget I give you there 4-K review on youtube .
The one thing I did notice while watching the videos was the clarity especially with the gaming video .
Also mashable did a review on 4-K and they were quit honest about not being able to verify the quality do to the lack of hardware.
Without further delay straight out of the archives of mashable I give you there review of 4-k and youtube .

Is 4-K worth the Trouble


First I would like to show you this nice Trailer of Transformers as they state it is HD and 4-K but keep in mind the miss representation explained by our earlier wikipediea page .





This next video shows Benchmarks testing during game time one thing to pacifically notice is the clarity .
This is ware the big money is at the gaming world better clarity and realism counts .



This next video talks about the ins and outs of 4-K and whether or not it is worth it from all perspectives from gaming to the smart Television .







In Conclusion

Are they playing off words a bit maybe they are or there is a chance they found away to combine HD with 4-K you just never know with Google .
But one thing is for sure it all boils down to hardware , if you do not have the proper hardware you will have to travel at a lower pixel rate losing some quality factors .
In reaching I might think that from a youtube perspective Google may have up there sleeve some type of hardware acceleration and or resource sharing from a cloud perspective .
But like I said I am reaching saying this and have no affirmative knowledge of this although it is theoretically possible .
There is one thing for sure in order for 4-K to make it deep into the gaming arena it has to be affordable to the common user .
Peace have a great day surfing the HD 4-K wave I am out .

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