Browser Struggle Meets Data Struggle

Browser struggle meets the Data struggle you can not deny the fact that each and everyone of us has a favorite operating system and or ways to contain store and sync our Data . These are very prosperous endeavors and in doing so we hope the choices we make are accurate and secure whether it be for browser choice OS and or Data storage and syncing . Although after you have made all of what you think were the best of choices for you your Data and syncing as well as browser and security options to have them yanked and redirected without warning ?

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Moore’s Law To Neven’s Law To Quantum Cyborg

Most people are familiar with Murphy’s Law but then awareness narrows wen
we talk about Moore’s Law let alone the newest Law Neven’s .
Before we get into Neven’s Law we should first examine Moore’s Law .

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Security Risk Factors 2019

Security risks back-doors or holes how ever you wish to label them are not fun no matter what year it is and there is always so many to talk about as the list just seems to grow .
Talking about security and operating systems most think of a computer or device of a similar nature either a lap top or phone .
Many do not seem to realize how far operating systems have embedded within our society as a whole most likely if you have heard of a product it is connected to an OS our soon will be .

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Crypto Bitcoin What Is It And Where To Start

Most understand by now that Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency and many have claimed to have made there fortune from mining for Bitcoin and or the buying and selling of Bitcoin . Like anything else the first thing one should know is it takes investment to begin whether this investment is time or hardware . In this article we will show you ways to sample the waters of Bitcoin and explain the how easy it is to get started . There are many ways to mine for crypto and although this may be a disputed statement there are people mining Bitcoin from there PC , Laptops and cell phones .

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BIOS End Or Just The Beginning With EFI UEFI

Computer BIOS most know the term by Now

Most people these days have some understanding of computer BIOS and the function and purpose for BIOS . Although there is a lot I am almost positive about that even the most keenest of computer operators do not know everything about BIOS in any given system . Remember you are in control of your ship you are the commander when you hit the on button a message is sent to BIOS to boot the machine IE the computer . In the past BIOS was just simply basic and instructed input and output devices but throughout the years just like any other product software or otherwise became outdated and size restrictive .

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Phones Energy And Medical Hacks

Phones reach deep into our Lives



It is no secret that Phones reach deep into our everyday lives and they sometime touch upon some of the most important aspects . We use are phones to monitor our workout patterns from walking to actual health monitoring . Some companies find it mandatory to hand out certain devices in order to keep there company up and functioning . These companies usually have a lot of people whom belong in certain places at certain times in order to get the job done .


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Nuclear Power Plants The Connection

Nuclear energy Wonders

There have been a lot of good things that have come out of nuclear technology and the study thereof but wen it comes to nuclear energy and the plants that produce it . Well one must have to wonder why they would continue to put so many at risk ?

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Windows 10 Monitor Issues

Windows 10 and windows in General

Windows has been around for quit some time as we all know and at one point embedded its OS all across the Globe . But along the way had incurred some fashionable and not so fashionable dilemmas some of which incurred do to business practices of the like . Then there seemed to be a brisk of fresh air or even a notation of freshly cut grass with all the new handshaking that was ongoing .

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Hydrogen Most Abundant Chemical In The Universe

Wen most think Hydrogen an explosion maybe Envisioned

But really there is a lot more about Hydrogen that we do not think of . Such as the availability and were it appears on the periodic table . As well as The availability of the said compound . Some still think that being the availability and abundance . This could possibly bring it into the realms of the next clear and clean fuel for centuries to come . There are also many ways to create Hydrogen . Some cleaner than others but any way you look at it a lot of heat is required . This is where the great debate for this clean and abundant supply comes into play . For example it makes no sense to use a dirty fuel to create a clean one although it is one way .

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Military Going Green Could Save Trillions

Green military is it Possible


Of course it is possible but then we are left with a few other questions how feasible is the Idea and if so how far to this approach have we gotten if at all ? What if any factors hold our governments at bay in proceeding with such procurement’s ? All interesting questions but in my own mind it is quit visible that the advancement into drone usage has went into this specific area . One could only summarize of the scars that run deep within the given soldier and the separation of said scaring do to the fiscal sight of the aspect of war and death there in . The reason I bring this up is it shows the ripple effect that has held this development of this technology at bay as instead of improving transport of soldiers the move has been to replace them . In the midst of this replacement would come robotics with full capabilities of green power solutions and at the same time remove any human emotion and or responsibility . Some would argue this would end the crippling disease most war torn veterans fall into eliminating any guilt factor . Some would also argue the mere fact of doing this would cut medical bills for veterans across the board but this is a very small figure if we consider what is spent on fuel .


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