Zika Virus Mosquito Control Or Kill Them All

Zika Virus needs no Introduction

The Zika virus needs no introduction but what dose need plenty of consideration is what is everyone saying about Zika and the spread thereof . Who do we trust whom is telling the truth and is anyone out to make a profit by covering up the truth ? These are all good questions unfortunately I do not have all the answers but possibly some solutions .

Zika Virus

The Zika Virus needs no introduction it has been all over the Media .

There is one thing for sure it is very saddening wen anyone has a birth defect . There are two sides to every story each presenting there own evidence . Some may even consider the whole situation to be part of a government conspiracy to control the population . The bottom line is it dose not matter what you think but it dose matter how you protect our mothers and new coming children as well as fathers . So where can we begin ? Good question we will talk about this later in this article .

Zika Virus who is saying What

Zika Virus Two sides of the story

Zika Virus as other things has two sides of the story .

Your probably thinking I have heard it all and I am tired of seeing it ! Well maybe you and yes I said ( YOU ) the reader the important one has but have you seen both sides of the coin . Our first look brings us to what the CDC is saying straight out of the archives of the Inhabitat I give you CDC CONFIRMS ZIKA CAUSES BIRTH DEFECTS . Are there all truths here or is there a venture for profit involved ? One can only ponder and be concerned and take precautions in order to raise a healthy thriving family . Here is the other side of the coin ! There were reports that came out stating that the Zika virus was not present until the initial spraying for Mosquito’s and the evidence was supposedly mapped out . Straight out of the archives of walkingtimes media I give you PESTICIDE USED TO CONTROL ZIKA CAUSES BIRTH DEFECTS AUTISM . So there you have it two sides of the coin so what is next exterminate or control ?

Kill them all for Zika or control Them

Zika Virus control or exterminate

Should we kill all Zika virus causing mosquito or control them naturally ?

This is an interesting question in itself see the following video as it discusses such a notion .




Although the video claims the work of genetically altered Mosquito might be the way to go issues have happened there as well . Something about using an antibiotic and once the antibiotic was gone the Mosquito would die off but they ended up finding this antibiotic within other livestock and lived on .
As of late I had ran across a show that actually inspired me to right this article but unfortunately for the life of me I can not remember the name . The show talked about how the Japanese believe all creatures have a place here with us and should not be exterminated but controlled down to the point of using minor exhaust fans to keep rodents out of restaurants . The show also talked about there natural way of repelling Mosquito and there population so we can all coexist . This was supposedly the purpose of the invention of the Mosquito coil repellent using some natural flower products . That is ware it struck me and my eyebrows lifted I was like what this could not be ? Straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you the MOSQUITO COIL . So how do you use the Mosquito coil ? Good question please see the following video as they demonstrate the use thereof enjoy .



But the question still was in my mind what are the natural plant life that repels Mosquito and to my surprise I found a slew of websites professing such . Straight out of the archives of rodalesorganiclife I give you 8 PLANTS REPEL MOSQUITO NATURALLY . But they did not stop there they have taken this a step further they have taken these natural elements and added them to curtains and even clothing .
Straight out of the archives of rocketnews24 I give you MOSQUITO REPELLENT CLOTHING . This just dose not stop with Mosquito there are plants that deter all sorts of bugs please see the following website straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you LIST OF PEST REPELLING PLANTS .

In Conclusion

Should we take a play from the Japanese play book and should the CDC be promoting such actions ?
Surely florist and farmers alike as well as those whom sell the natural oils could make a profitable moment here . There are other things to keep in mind and a minor disclaimer for us here at Grep Haxs it is up to you and yes I said ( YOU ) to do the research to assure the natural and healthy substance of use to any given product . It is also up to you the reader to decide whom is on the up and up telling the truth for you and yes I said ( YOU ) have a brain do your homework .
Have a nice day riding the wave of ZIKA VIRUS MOSQUITO CONTROL OR KILL THEM ALL I am out .

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