High Tech Hacks


High Tech Hacks

As usual I was out looking for something new Search term ( high tech hacks ) that is when bingo I came across Matthias Wandel’s high tech Paige .
I found his Paige to be quit intriguing and unique , especially the shaking of the hard drive and the monitoring value of his website .
So without further delay out of the archives of Matthias Wandel’s I give you his High Tech Hacks .



Wandels Amazing Home Paige




So seeing that Mr. Wandel’s seem to be pretty busy I decided to look further and check out his home page .
In viewing his Paige noticing all the collaborating links one stood out and like slapped me up side the head and maid me take notice but before I share that with you I give you straight out of MR. Wandel’s archives his home Paige .



Insane Contraptions



So as I am viewing his home Paige like I said from the right it like reached up and slapped me in the head , Insane Contraptions built by none other than MR. Wandels .
From a Jenna pistol to a wasp sucking machine and a marble shooting crossbow and as well he has you tube videos on homemade air riffles which are pretty cool .
So without further delay I give you Insane Contraptions straight out of Mathias wandels archives .



In Conclusion

I found this to be one of the most interesting sites i have ever Ben on grouping high tech wood working with the high tech of today’s wired world .
The projects as you see are not limited there , as well the full description and blue print lay outs are amazing .
So have a safe insane surfing day peace I am out .

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