Windows 8.1


Secure Boot

Secure Boot or Restricted Boot as DR. Richard Stallman likes to call it .
If your one of the foolish ones whom have stuck with windows threw all the mayhem of compatibility issues and either advanced to or bought a new system running windows 8 or 8.1 you could be in for some giant headaches .
For example if you would like to add a graphics card or other software or hardware or have an alternate OS you would like to install you must disable Secure Boot if you can .
If your one of the real unfortunate ones to happen to own a windows RT system boot is required to be configured and cant be disabled .
According to what I gathered from wikipedia windows RT is a system that locks you down so only software purchased threw a Microsoft store is compatible to run on an RT system .
So it is a sad thing if you own a RT windows system because you are enslaved to Microsoft .
I guise you could consider windows RT to be the fast food of the computing world for the place of convenience but me my self I prefer elegance and choice along with freedom .
This is why I chose Linux ( Ubuntu ) over windows .
If you are a windows user let me share with you what I am talking about so without further delay straight from the tech net archives I give you secure boot removal if you can .

In Conclusion

In my opinion Microsoft has made a huge error in judgment thinking there company is so large and followers are so dedicated to be forced into only buying there product trying to monopolize the industries to there favor .
I see a lose coming in there earnings but any who the free side of Linux’s awaits .
Have a nice safe surfing day peace I be out .

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