wickr Safe or Trap



They are claiming wickr to be so safe but they do carry a server of possible friends .
They say you will remain anonymous to wickr .
Although remaining anonymous to wickr possibly helps a little I mean then they cant be bullied into providing much info .
Although they are willing to except your e-mail and phone number into there find a friend data base or server according to there web site .
Well without further delay out of the archives of wickr I give you there home Paige it is best to take a good look around there were a few things that raised my eye brow .




And next I am sharing a couple of videos that explain why wickr may not be so secure as they claim .







The other question is about the devices your using or sending the information to and the person ?
So check this video out .



And we must also remember if the person you send the information to can take a screen shot so can the NSA or a hacker using your device without you being aware .
And after all of that info I only find it fair to share this this video with you of a wickr representative giving an interview to RT .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of RT .



In conclusion

So the question is how safe is this app really ?
Also how secure is your device from my opinion an app is only as secure as the device is ?
It had ben stated in an article I read apple has keys to all there devices to which they have given to the NSA in order to see all so who knows .
As always I would love to here what DR Richard Stallman has to say about the matter .
I leave it up to you the reader ( YES YOU MAN ) but what I have provided is just a smidgen of info to decide so do your home work .
Well have a safe wickr surfing day I be out .


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