What is the XPocalypse

The Issue

April 8th 2014 marks the end of life for windows XP. This is the day that Microsoft will officially stop supporting windows XP. So why is this such a big deal? and why are they calling it the XPocalpyse? In a nutshell this means that any new or known security vulnerabilities will not be patched for windows xp. This is a huge problem because a large number of home pcs, ATM’s and POS(Point of Sale ) systems ¬†are still running windows XP.

The myth

For some reason most of the IT world are claiming that this is a huge deal and are scrambling to 1.) upgrade Pc’s to windows 7 or 2.) Converting them to a suitable Linux distro. What people don’t realize is that its not like Microsoft is holding back a huge flood of viruses that are about to infect everyone computer. It is going to take time to for hackers to develop these vulnerabilities. I am not advocating staying on windows XP. I’m merely suggesting that you have a little bit more time to make the decision to switch.

What do we do about the XPocalpyse

Although I do not believe it is a “mission critical” ordeal As an IT professional I would suggest one of the following over the next few weeks:

if your a Novice: upgrade to windows 7 (Windows 8 is garbage imo)

if you have skillzzz: Slick and install ubuntu (Recommended)

if you have 1337 5k1llz install arch or gentoo linux.

keeping xp is about the worst long term decision you could make.

2 thoughts on “What is the XPocalypse

  1. I agree with your point that it is really being played up. Some of this, I believe, is hype generated by Microsoft themselves to drive sales of their new OSs. Since XP was so stable many large corporations or ATM providers were staying on it. Microsoft, I believe, sees a big cash cow coming with this XPocalypse scare. From a corporate perspective we are obligated to make the upgrade when something like this is going around. If we don’t we 1) possibly expose ourselves to the potential security vulnerabilities and 2) open ourselves up to failed audits from our clients. Point 2 is critical as it could result in revenue loss. So the way I see it we upgrade now, or within the next couple weeks, or we risk revenue loss down the road. They really got us “by the balls” on this one.

    P.S. This comment is opinionated and not fact backed. I just wanted to share my thoughts. Good post.

  2. I agree as well , Annon put alot of good points in there i allso hered swedin is allready paying out the bucks to keep xp up and running .

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