Upgrading Two A Quantum Speed

Who is upgrading and there Purpose


Before we begin with whom is upgrading and to what , I found it imperative to learn or brush up on some minor terminology .
In normal two supper computing the mere language two which are our processors speak are in ( bit Term ) but with quantum it switches to ( Qubit ) .
I myself could ramble on and explain each term but this has already Ben done and Quit adequately .

So without further delay straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you Qubit as it relates to Quantum computing .
So now that we understand the difference between ( 01, 00 , 10 , 11 ) and ( 01001011 , 01111000 ) we can move on .

Who is Upgrading

upgrading Qubit size threw improvements in the processor

all these company’ are upgrading to a higher Qubit for quantum computers Google NASA and Lockheed Martin

Well folks there are some big wigs involved in this upgrade .
1 ) NASA
2 ) Lockheed martin
3 ) And my favorite Google
But wait keep in mind I have titled the article ( Upgrading two a quantum speed ) although it appears the Quantum use has Ben in swing for a while .
As noted from this article straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you the Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab ( QuAIL ) .
And as noted from Google’s own research blog of may 16 , 2013 .
OK so some of this may just be a brush up of info for others it might be your first time hearing the news .
Either way there is more to come .

How did I find out about this Upgrading process

put ear to ground to know whats going on and who is upgrading

It is always good to keep your ear two the ground listening for upgrades and who is upgrading

Obviously I keep my ear to the ground and in doing so i ran across an article put out by none other than wired .
Before I share that article with you for further overview of how they have gotten to this new update you could see the 7 year contract signed by NASA and Google with D-Wave .
Straight out of the archives of pcworld I give you the seven year contract .
Without further delay straight out of the archives of wired I give you the upgrade to 1000 Qubits .
Once just considered a rumor and a hoax just who is D-Wave ? Straight out of the archives of dwavesys I give you D-Wave .
For further interest in Quantum computing I ran across some interesting videos they kind of explain how they work .
You will notice they are part of a tutorial if you have a mind to you could look further .
These videos are straight out of the archives of D-Wave Labs so enjoy .

In Conclusion

It appears sensitivity is the name of the game in the Quantum world and in order to hyper remove these they have used coolant and shield blockers and removed the use of wiring at the end point processor .
I am unsure at this point if the radiation shields are two keep radiation in or out or both .
It would appear the main motivation here is to compute any given problem faster and then ship it off in bulk load ( Qubit Load ) and language .

Warning Warning Warning Warning Warning


Cern most likely updating or have updated

you can be sure CERN is upgrading there Qubit levels within Quantum computers and kelvic temperatures

This interruption of my conclusion is being caused by some information concerning CERN .
I will not interject my own belief system upon you but I can help show evidence to further those whom believe the ( Sky is falling ) .
Please review the following video once again straight out of the archives of D-Wave .

Once viewing this check out this site straight out of the archives of CERN .
Obviously regardless of what the true intent is they are taking extra precautions being the coldness factor and the amount of time it would take to thaw .
But even if you think CERN is an all evil intent there are some things to consider .
1 ) Remember back in the 60ds wen they pronounced over the air aliens were invading people have Ben trying to rekindle that spark for years now .
2 ) There is a movie being maid called you guised it CERN
3 ) For those whom are hard core Christians or people whom believe in GOD you must know prophecy that is set by GOD cannot be changed without his approval GODS hand cannot be forced .
The implications are high on both ends of the spectrum although I will not get into them .
Peace have great day in riding the D-Wave of QAUNTUM COMPUTING I am out .

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