Ubuntu 1604 Newest Release Caution

Ubuntu 1604 Excitement

One of the biggest face lifts for Ubuntu making it sleeker and more friendly interface-able to the common user making it much more inviting . Utilizing the GNOME interface for software updates and APPS suggesting the retirement of the original Ubuntu software center for some .


Ubuntu 1604 GNOME software updater

In 16.04 for some retirement of the Ubuntu software center .
The use of the GNOME software updater .


Bringing also the adjustable sideline menu to be easily moved to the bottom of the monitor for those whom like that particular convenience . Sure enough a lot to get excited about and more straight out of the archives of LINUX I give you UBUNTU 16.04 SOMETHING TO GET EXCITED ABOUT .

Who else is excited about the Ubuntu 16.04 Release

Ubuntu 16.04

Ubuntu 16.04 reaches across platform from the desktop to mobile applicable for newer containers and reaches right into the cloud .

Ubuntu for starters and Mozilla , Sky , IBM , Microsoft , Nexenta and Cavium they all had good things to say about Ubuntu 16.04 in the comment section of the next link I will share . Some of the reasons as you will see Ubuntu 16.04 seems to go cross platform from the mobile to the desktop spectrum reaching right into the cloud and with the ability to utilize the newer containers . Straight out of the archives of Ubuntu I give you CANONICAL UNVEILS 6TH LTS UBUNTU 16.04 .

Caution in Ubuntu 16.04 Caution

Ubuntu 16.04 side bottom bar

The Ubuntu side bar can be moved to the bottom .

As always I suggest doing your homework keeping your ear to the ground and this is one of those times . Earlier today I had a chance to see Ubuntu 16.04 in action and talking with the user everything was a lot quicker as far as load times but there appeared to be a lot of things going wrong . For the novice user these issues are easily fixed but for the common user it may appear a bit tedious and time consuming to figure out . Problems installing 3 party APPS to errors in th GNOME software updater in UBUNTU 16.04 . Straight out of the archives of OMGUBUNTU I give you CANT INSTALL THIRD PARTY APPS UBUNTU 16.04 .


Update Ubuntu 16.04


Well the update went well for 16.04 and as suggested by another grephaxs team member I saved my old packages not needed supposedly by Ubuntu OS although this could effect my system later . The update took a little under 13 minutes but stated it could take up to several hours . I have seen no errors as of yet although the load time seems a bit slow but I have seen some very welcome enhancements to which I will be making a video of to post here and in our youtube channel . Make sure you have a good connection with this download this is no time to dropping packets . I must say so far I am very impressed with 16.04 .


Update 2 Ubuntu 16.04

Here is the video on the enhancements i have seen there are of course many more and i may write a further article and or do more videos .
So sit back and enjoy this grephaxs original straight out of our archives ( youtube channel ) .








In Conclusion

These type of issues could happen with any software or OS and the odds go up wen the size increases and or goes cross platform and the hands in the mix increases . You do have some choices and yes I said ( YOU ) because you the reader are the important one here . You could hold off for a while in hopes all problems will be eliminated or you can update and work through any issue that occur .
I have yet to update my machine but as soon as I post this article I am going to update to the Ubuntu 16.04 and will update this article as needed .
Have a nice day riding the wave of the UBUNTU 16.04 RELEASE I am out .

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