Toys There Industries And Danger

Industries for toys or Otherwise

It is quit a shame that America has let there product building industries float away to foreign lands at the compromise of jobs and now to the safety of our children . Really it dose not just stop with toys but it boils into every existing product from food to the cars we drive .

Industry and toys

The toys industries is not the only part of manufacturing these safety issues cause problems





Even in knowing this the article I am writing will focus on the toy industries being children are the main assets in are lives as they hold the future in there hands . Sure enough any product made over seas and imported to the United States helps poor countries and industries stand on there feet but in doing so we sacrifice jobs , quality and now danger to are children .

Toys industries and Crayons

toys containing asbestos

Asbestos in our children crayons and other toys

According to snopes there were a assorted amount of crayons made in China containing asbestos and although this being true and confirmed by the FDA nothing has been done . Without further delay straight out of the archives of snopes I give you the ASBESTOS FILLED CRAYONS . Another incident was reported threw CNN saying that toy crime labs also made in China also contained asbestos . Without further delay straight out of the archives of CNN I give you the ASBESTOS FILLED TOY CRIME LABS .

Toys hover board Fires

Toys hover-board fire

If China thinks it is OK to sell toys hover boards that burst into flames how can we expect a foreign company to build our electric transformers wen needed

Once again here is an amazing toy the hover-board catching on fire and determined to be so dangerous it has been band from all airports and pulled from amozon . Who makes these toys you guessed it not Americans but China keep in mind I have nothing against China but I do believe the government and the industries need to come to some common ground . Put Americans back to work by bringing our industries back home were they belong for quality and assurance and the safety of our Country .
Without further delay straight out of the archives of cnet I give you HOVERBOARDS CATCHING FIRE .

Toys T-Bolt air rocket Explosion

Toys blow up and catch fire

Toys from rockets to crayons to our derivable cars all have no quality control


One Saturday morning pondering what to do the grephaxs team decided to take a youth to fire a rocket for the first time . Luckily the grephaxs team is well up on safety and even though we were only to fire off an air rocket it is under pressure so keeping the launch area clear was at the top of our safety procedures . This first flight of a rocket was to prep the youngster for further launches but with a much more dangerous engine components . We thought even though this was only an air rocket it would be a good time to implement if you will ( NASA safety procedures ) after all it is only an air rocket what could go wrong ? The rocket and platform went together fairly easy ( placing 4ft of PVC like tubing together one end connect the pump with launch trigger the other connect the launching pad that holds the rocket ) . Once put together and as a safety procedure and being the closes person to a ( NASA Technician ) sycorage a grephaxs team member was to do the first test flight and every thing went great ( green across the board ) . The next lift off would be up to the grephaxs youth and this lift off went up without a hitch . Everyone was so excited with the hight the rocket had reached and after retrieving the rocket he set out to make his second flight to reach what he observed to be space . The rocket set into place the youth began pumping but something was wrong ( Houston we have a problem ) ( main engine failure ) do apparently to a leaking PVC pipe ( air leakage ) . Knowing that we were only dealing with air it is under much pressure therefore the grephaxs team jumped into safety mode and decided another test flight was in order before the youth proceeded . After fixing the PVC connection the green light was given for the test flight the pumping began half way through the pumping procedure ( Boom ) an explosion at the main engine .


Toys rocket explodes like IED

Toys exploded like an IED

Toys T-Bolt blows up in four peaces

toys Rocket did not just blow apart into two peaces but as you see four




After further examination by the grephaxs team it was determined there was a safety mechanism failure within the main rocket . This was quit unsettling to the grephaxs team although a good lesson for the youth involved as the rocket lay in peaces within our hands . If the grephaxs team had not been on there toes about safety the youth could have been malingering near the launch pad during pumping and possibly have been injured . The explosion was similar to a small IED explosion kinda like the ones found in malfunctioning air bags of cars . The company that makes T-Bolt air rockets is an American company and called drone headquarters owned by Estes but my guise is the safety mechanism is made in China or some other foreign country . The grephaxs team has reached out to Estes the company that makes the T-Bolt Air Rocket asking who makes there safety mechanism if and wen they reply we will update this article .

Toys Update Estes T-BOLT ROCKET


As I had stated we had contacted Estes and let them know of the explosion of the T-BOLT AIR ROCKET and there was a quick response .
Although they never answered the question who makes the safety mechanism under further examination of the box containing the T-BOLT AIR ROCKET the item is made in China .
In the midst of our excitement we decided to get some footage of the new T-BOLT AIR ROCKET so please sit back and enjoy the following videos .
The first video is the UN-Boxing of the T-BOLT AIR ROCKET .


The second is the assembly and launch of the T-BOLT AIR ROCKET


Further notification has been sent to ESTES the company that distributes the rocket although I am not sure if I will update this article or write a whole new one encompassing rockets sold by ESTES .
The reason being we have purchased other rockets from ESTES in order to see how those launches go although keeping in the back of my mind is this lack of quality control or just a bad order bin ?
( noting this is a borderline toy )

In Conclusion

The bottom line we as Americans need are business infrastructure back importing and exporting products is great but there is no quality control and this threatens are nation as a whole . By out sourcing and importing all of our products the quality control is like a ( long distant relationship without love ) and not a caring moment to safety . These issues do not just stop with toys foreign companies now hold the keys to making everything from our most precocious electrical transformers that control our grid to some of the food we eat . Take fish for example most frozen and some fresh fish are grown on fish farms controlled by foreigners if they think it is OK to put asbestos in are children’s crayons what shall they put in our food ? If they think it is OK to sell a hover board that ignites into flames will they make are electrical transformers the same way not caring for the loss of life and without quality control ? The quality control can be seen as they miss treated there workers put pressure on them as they felt dishonored and started jumping out high office buildings the companies response was ( put out nets to catch the employees ) . All of these issues puts America at risk we need American businesses with real American quality control and job creation to make us once again a sustainable nation and safe .
Have a great day riding the wave of the SAFE TOYS for your children and other products I am out .

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