Top Secrets From The Presidents Men

Top secret from our Governments



The term top secret really dose not need to be defined I am almost sure that most from the age of five has some understanding of the term . Although being in the currant set of affairs there are some that might find offense at the mere title but let me put that to rest real quick . Top secret information holds no gender preference and there are plenty of competent woman whom hold a security level clearance .

Top secrets from the presidents men

Even if Clinton had become president the things that need to remain top secret would remain .

Even if Clinton would have taken the spot of the United States Presidency those things that need to remain secret would have remained there . So why are somethings kept secret ? Well from a companies prospective or an individual it is usually to safe guard there Ideas but when dealing from a governments perspective things can get sticky . Not all but most Top level Secrets deal with the security of a said country sustaining the ability to be at the ready through the flexibility of muscle and man as well as woman power . Some secrets are released before there approval time do to great people as those secrets affect society as whole in a very adverse way ( Notably Called : A whistle Blower ) . Some secret information is so bold and stands right out we almost trip over it everyday and even though it carries a high hand of corruption as well as contamination we shrug and walk by . Even though the tears drop and the health issues rise we shrug and look the other way with claims of not having scientific proof .
Sure enough a secret so far at the top and so hard to solve not even the most intelligent whistle blower could handle because the resolve is or almost seems unsolvable .

Top secret that have been declassified and Released

Top secrets from the presidents men

There are many top secrets that were declassified in 2017

In order to get proper clarification one must ask the question just what is top secret information ?
I could try to give you my own definition but I found wikipedia dose a great job so straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you what is CLASSIFIED INFORMATION . Now that we all understand what classified information is there may be a few questions looming in your mind . Like but not limited to dose classified information ever become Declassified and how ? The answer is yes as time goes by certain information is reviewed and it is determined not to be a risk to national security it is then released . As a mater of fact in 2017 over twelve million records were Declassified and made available to the public . And for those whom might know something about Declassified information they may be thinking it is limited to a geographical region or you have to go to a specific library to view the information . This is not true anymore all this information has been readily available on-line straight out of the archives of ciagov I give you the 2017 PRESS RELEASE OF DECLASSIFIED documents that provides the link . So I know some are cringing and saying wait wait what about the truth and clarity well sometimes the best answer comes from a scene already played out please enjoy the next video to get your answer .



Top secret War we trip Over

Top secrets from the presidents men

The hidden top secret war to keep fossil fuel is of national security .

The secret war we trip over but shrug off even though the tears fall and or lands are contaminated and drinking water left in a state of none usability . This information all tucked away in some top secret documents of a national security realm . I know your probably thinking another global warming article or something that might be trying to glue the Paris agreement together . I say not at all and as a matter of fact let us not even think about global warming or the Paris agreement . But one thing we should think of is government marketing and how it is done . The crafty way of marketing is to get everyone within a said society to believe a product is needed by everyone this is not necessarily bad and as a matter of fact is what drives prices down to a given product . The secret war I speak of is the continued war for oil and other fossil fuel there are many that have a tendency to blame the green back you know the dollars made from oil and gas . But really the secret is our governments need oil and gas as well as other fossil fuels to stay at the ready . Consider this fact the F – 22 Raptor it has a fuel capacity of eighteen thousand pounds but that is not including external tanks . To prove this point in the next article scroll down to specifications straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you the F – 22 RAPTOR .
If we consider a tank it needs approximately 300 gallons of fuel every eight hours . With just these two facts I am sure it pants the picture for this secret war and the governments need to keep oil and gas at the shoulder . But in my mind all is not lost although it is a struggle and a fight that will be won sooner or later . There are organizations and areas that supposedly would be working on such technology advancements such as DARPA which a lot of great minds have shied away from and the supposed area 51 not to forget to mention the people at CERN . How can we put a stop to this secret war and bring these documents to a declassified state well I will discuss this in my conclusion .
There is one other thing to consider do they know something we do not ? The next video puts it right out there and the information comes from the science community some may think this is why nothing is changing please enjoy .




In Conclusion

So what could be done to stop this top secret war to gain oil , gas and other fossil fuels and to wipe the tears of many ? All the efforts to bring solar and wind as well as other none fossil fuels to our society is not forgotten nor belittled but there is a bottom line . The advancement of government technology is at this forefront the ability for our troops whether in aircraft or ground to get from point A to B without the use of a fossil fuel infrastructure . Until this is achieved the governments of a super power nature across the globe will secretly fight to keep the chains of fossil fuel in the essence of national security .
This is a great challenge it should go out to @Trump or @Lockhead or maybe @Putin and any scientist or programmer to that has the knowledge to figure this dilemma out . Stop pretending contamination of land and water or the disease factor from the prolific chemicals dose not exist . I hope you have a nice day while riding the wave of TOP SECRETS FROM THE PRESIDENTS MEN I am out .

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