The Woes Of Social Networking



Well folks as I read yesterday on Google + and received E-mail notice today .
Facebook is separating there messaging program from facebook for mobile devices .
In a statement they claimed it would be easier for them to maintain both the social network and messaging programs separately in order to bring better functionality and updates .
They say it will be less confusing but are they just throwing this minor term thinking not many people know whats going on or are not tech savvy ?
One benefit I could think of for them would be if they now have separate servers lowering there loads on each for functionality purposes .



In Conclusion

I hold theses ponderings prevalent .
1 ) Will there be extra data fees applied to my data plan ?
2 ) If I download the app to my other devices how much of a battery hog will it be if at all ?
3 ) Was this move to make it easier to hand over information to NSA , CIA , FBI and a way to wash there hands of it being most devices are compromised already by by the NSA ?
4 ) Will this be the fall of facebook ?

All these answers I do not have at this time but any-who have a safe peaceful none monitored day I am out .


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