The United Kingdom


Will It Stand

Ireland broke away nearly a century ago .
I don’t know how much bearing this has on Scotland’s move towards independence as the morrow brings the vote .
As many scramble saying lets seize the day others quiver in fear of financial collapse .
And some financiers are rumored to stay up all night and sell , sell , sell .
As President Obama weeps in the corner himself as he watches his friends of the UN and military might that may possibly crumble .
If the vote is yes Scotland shall be its own country and 18 months of ( Arguing ) talking would begin on how to separate all military from nuclear armament to military bases and the type of currency to be used .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of reuters I give you the United Kingdom or possibly divided .



In Conclusion

How ever the vote turns out I hope it is for the best and for the right reasons .
I surly do not know all of there ins and outs but in my opinion within such a vote two which will send a country into turmoil you should not vote by pride , greed or self indulgence but instead vote by what is just and right for all and with courage for all mankind .
For the balance of the United Kingdom or Divided Kingdom chisels away at the rest of the world .
Good luck .
Peace I am out


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