The Money fun wave


The Green Back


Owe ya there is some great news I was just checking up on to see what they had going on they always seem to have the most interesting hacks but as I peered up to the top right I got smacked right up side the head . That is right ladies and gents not just one but two contests with cha Ching a load of cash prizes so get your geek on and decentralize your electrodes and dive right in . I am not going to tell you what these contest are about because I think its best for you to take a look for yourselves but one thing I will tell you is one of the judges for the hackaday contest is no other than Bunnie the creator of the Novena . So go check them out owe and fyi all the other judges in the hackaday contest are smacking around some heavy geeky credentials so go get your feet wet and make them green backs good luck .



So have a great green back surfing day .


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