Tesla Joins The Open Source


Tesla Motors Business Hack

It is funny how things reach out and poke you in the eye wen you least expect them .
On a common day helping a friend get to her doctors appointment I decided I would look at the magazines .
Now mind you I have Ben at this doctors office tons of times and had always noticed a slight frustration on the lack of reading material .
As I stumbled through different mags , local business the news paper bla bla bla whats this world coming to ?
Nothing Techy Hmmm so I surrendered my self to a car mag and that is wen it jumped out and poked me right in the eye TESLA GOES OPEN SOURCE .
I took a photo in hopes you the reader ( yes I said YOU ) could share in the Experience of the excitement of the moment so check it out .






What Dose This Mean For Tesla

This is a good question ?
I could summarize it opens the doors for new ideas and innovation it has Ben suggested that some of the best Engineers work in the open source community .
In an article written by Tesla Motors they said they were hoping the gas hog companies would follow there suit in the clean environment act but this has not happened so there hoping with the move to open source it will advance the technology to a catapult stage so in hopes to make the difference within our environment .
So in order for you to get your feet wet and come to a better understanding I bring you Tesla Belongs To You .







Open Source

So the question remains what exactly is open source ?
In minor terms it means there is a lot of sharing and transparency from but not limited to blue prints two software for the further advancement of the technology of a product .
But of course this is only my minuscule opinion I may have missed a few points so to help clear up your vision I bring you the meaning of open source via wikipedia for a better grip on the term .








In Conclusion

I think this is a good step for Tesla and I think that between the nanowhiskers and paint on solar cells there maybe a fit in Tesla production that would bring about the catalyst they are looking for .
I. E. Reference articles ( Nanowhiskers , Solar Cells Hack ) on this site , search bar top left hand side .
Peace and have a great clean Tesla Open source surfing day I am gone .


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