Studies Of The Scientific Nature

Studies have Ben Compromised


Thats right studies have Ben compromised for quit a while and as a matter of fact it is quit impossible to know wen it all started .
Even within the test for global warming it has Ben rumored that the Data was falsified to bring one or the other point of view side to be true .
Although this article is not focusing on these types of studies I found it one of the most prevalent and well know to mention and most I am sure will say ( owe ya ) .

Studies and medical Research

Studies within the medical research area are tough and very hard and costly to duplicate in order to see conclusive answers and know what is true or false or what has Ben left out .
To which unfortunately brings big and easy room for ( BIG BUCK CORUPTION ) with in the medical field of studies and research .
But wait you say we have the CDC !!
Well according two wired they do not have the money or time for that so who is the CDC and what are they suppose to do ?
Well I guise the best place to try to figure this out is to visit there web site although keep in mind there appears to be a lot of front end polished hype .
Without further delay straight out of the archives of the CDC I give you the CDC web site .
But than you say well there is the FDA but just what is there role ? well not keeping an eye on this according to wired either so lets take a look at there site .
Although there site is not as polished as the CDC it dose appear they would have something to do with making sure these studies are accurate but not as I said according to wired .
Without further delay straight out of the archives of the FDA I give you the FDA website .
And before we move on enjoy this nice video on how things break down within a study .



Studies and Corruption who can We Trust

It is a shame wen this type of corruption runs high with in our society , but were there is money to be made and pharmaceutical companies with plenty to spend .
This gives us all a good shot in the arm of ( lets hide that statistic evidence ) no matter how many are put at risk we will just call it ( Population control extremely hidden ) .
I could ramble on for hours and poke at both the FDA and FCC but there is enough that going around and most of us are aware of the faulty studies that have Ben going on for year two which from a guise started somewhere before Albert Einstein .


Studies corruption before Albert's time

studies corruption started happening well before Albert

But instead I think it is time for you to get the full meat from where this information came from so you can see who to trust .
Without further delay straight out of the archives of wired I give you the corrupted studies .

In Conclusion

So the big question here is how could we make things better ? Obviously if we can can take the corruption out of this system it would save many lives .
Most would probably say more accountability but I do not believe that will work .
I rely think back two back studies and sure I know it will cost trillions but how much is your daughter , mother , brother or dad and wife worth to you ? ( Priceless )
Priceless means to save them from death or heart defects or any other cause of studied corruption far passes the trillion dollar mark .
Have a great day riding the none corrupted STUDIES wave I am out .

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