Steam Game Purchase Lock-down

Game purchase Lock-down

Valve that runs steam turned there valve and clamped down on global sales .
It is called a Regions Lock and suggested it will mainly affect the Russians .

The Global Market

The thing about marketing I find so interesting is the corner .
Thats right the corner of the market once obtaining a said corner and eliminating all competitors whether it be global or otherwise .
This seems to happen from time to time as a major company or corporation rears there head up and trys to bump all competition .
We have seen this type of action time and time again for example but not limited to game Exclusion used by the gaming industries for example Microsoft and there X- Box games Exclusion .

Region Lock ( Game Exclusion )

To me these two terms mean the same and serve the same function to corner a market .
Competition should never be chiseled whether it be global or not unless specified within some type of embargo .
Will there be work a round to this global market control I would hope so .
Especially being most games are social competitive threw communication .
But without further delay straight out of the archives of extremetech I give you Steams Region Lock down by valve .

In Conclusion

For any of you whom have for what ever reason Steam here is there site .
But first of all make sure two do your homework making sure to get the applicable download for your system and OS .
Steam has always Ben a good stable gaming Environment .
Hopefully these new decisions to put region restrictions wont hamper there integrity and or stable Environment in the gaming field .
This Region lock by Valve is almost like an embargo action against other areas globally and locally.
For example if I live in Utah and sell a game to someone in Texas could this Region be blocked if there is a price variance ?
Can you see the lack of a competitive nature at work here .
Have a great day surfing the Valve Steam wave I am out .

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