Spying on the grid

Who is Listening in your Grid

Who is listening , so maybe your the type of person who has done just about everything in your power two drop off the grid or your hanging by a needle thread upon the grid .

Going off the grid is actually harder than it sounds between the NSA and local and government law officials there sure to pull you back on one way or the other .

How is grid listening Done


Listening to the grid can be accomplished in so many different ways I will share a few with you .
1 ) threw your ISP provider
2 ) threw a device called a sting ray ( cell phone tower simulator )
3 ) back doors threw computer software and security .
4 ) video cameras .
5 ) and now the latest listening devices that can here for miles bringing in conversations of the unknown speakers whether a private matter or not in to the ears of the whole world .
Of course I may have missed a few but as always comments are welcome .

Whom is hearing the Grid

Well as far as I know at the moment threw this RT video two states were mentioned , Massachusetts and New York and Chicago have ears encompassed on the grid for listening but I am sure there must be more although being silent of the fact because ( warrant-less or other wise ) could be construed as evidence clogging the digestive system of our judicial as we know it today .
And the fact still remains these type of things stand to undermined our country most wen it comes to privacy and lawyer privilege counsel .
Without further delay straight out of the archives of RT I give you the NYPD ear two the grid .

For Reading about the Grid Listener


If you would like to read more about this GRID listener I will refer you to none other than wikipedia .
There are a couple of design models and the technology has Ben around since world war 2 But had for the most part Ben rendered for Military use .
Suggested reading points are ( Architectures ) and ( public safety ) .
So without further delay straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give the history of the GRID listener .

In Conclusion

So know matter who you are where you are what rock tree mountain you hid under the GRID is coming to YOU .
And yes I said ( YOU ) but you say wait what about jamming OK let me bight for a second .
Jamming in appropriate areas that dose not affect the consortium may we dream ?
I believe there gearing up for response teams generated by sound alone .
Have a great day being safe and riding the wave of your GRID peace I am out .

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