Split Screen Not In The Gaming World

No split screen in Halo 5


I find this no split screen venture in Halo 5 a saddening moment I will explain why in a moment .
But for those whom know me personally and have split screened with me well know it was some of the greatest times and I look forward one day again to see you on the battle field .

Split Screen and youth Engagement


What dose it mean ? Of course it means a shorter line up and more game .
For example if you have one x-box it can be quit tedious to wait your turn and boredom sets in leaving some to give up and wonder off .
Split screen also brings about camaraderie between individuals like father and son brother and sister .
But maybe it is not all lost according to engadget so if this is so maybe it is time for gamers to put the scream out if you love split screen for what ever reason .
Back in the day we were always throwing the Halo parties with such a line up that everyone was split screening from six to eight boxes .
So straight out of the archives of engadget I give the not so eliminated split screen if we speak out .

Split screen and Call of Duty

Yup not there either although I do have to admit I used to be an all out Halo fan but I switched my course of action .
The reason being is Halo had taken a turn I did not quit care for in there co op mode .
Although being a futuristic game Halo used to have a realism to it but at some point they lost it thus I am now a harden Call Of Duty fan .
But Halo missions is till a OK for the fun of it all .
The invent of being able to see your Co OP partners at the bottom of the screen is an awesome idea even tho it is still not split screen .
In any event check out the new trailer for Call Of Duty 2015 enjoy .


Back to Halo 5 with no Split Screen

Although not being a full fledged Halo fan anymore I only found it fair to my readers whom may have a different opinion .
For this reason I am including the latest Halo 5 trailer and just remember I am not a trader to Halo but one that believes in REAL TIME WARFARE in the gaming world .
So being that said sit back and enjoy .


In Conclusion

Eliminating split screen dose not sell more games or consoles let me make that clear and up front .
What it dose is causes separation and less camaraderie between players and lowers the competitive nature .
The bring back of split screen would make the gaming world a kitchen table topic once again keeping youths and adults off the streets .
This is what sells game systems and gives people opportunity and growth like never seen before .
Peace have a great day hope to see you on the big WAVE OF THE BATTLE FIELD I am out .

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