Spinning Soap Opera Lies And Deception

Spinning the soap Opera

The soap opera created by the implemented medias used by many to rule the day and the night .
If anyone at all have been watching any part of world affairs you might happen to notice the whole soap opera attitude . Something that all media groups have found prominent with in today’s society as a want and a having partiality to addictive behavior . Within this soap opera throwing in the hokey mentality of beating each other up side the head and unfortunately there are many that enjoy this not realizing the seriousness of the situation . If you were paying attention during the presidential race Hillary and Trump had quit the love hate relationship . Main stream and others tried to use this to there advantage and it has not stopped yet but we have to ask our selves why and who has fallen for it ?

Spinning soap opera lies and deception

The days of our lives once meant for housewives now used as a tactic spinning lies and deception .

When we send our representatives to Washington it is usually with a thought they will be representing the people of a said community . To meet them at the door are well trenched in political parties each in hand holding a pharmaceutical agenda of pills sort of like the matrix ( the red pill or the blue ) . But in the political arena it is matrix on steroids with many different pills all with there own compromising factors leading to lies and or deception . The higher ups that some call the elites or globalist or those whom just took the straight up lie pill following a party just because they are party members knows how this works . Get everyone revved up and cause a loop around or as some may refer to as a circle jerk . There are some none mainstream media groups that have fallen pray to this trap although meaning well and there are some Christian media groups whom have found it a prominent way to strong arm conviction . Some have struck the point of thinking they can read between biblical lines and say it is this day or that day of GODS and the end days are at hand . I myself remember GOD saying I come as the thief in the night not one shall know but giving us signs and wonders so as we could be prepared for that moment . The reason I bring this up is Trump took the White House under the premise of being a Christian and in doing so has many supporters from those arenas . Some of the supporters whether it be low end media groups or Christian organizations had some beliefs that apparently changed . So the big question is did Trump have his own political pill agenda of half truths that everyone is swallowing ? The oldest trick in the media book put the hypnotic spinning wheal and hide the lies and deception bringing fourth the anger and rigorous behavior of the Roman arena .

Whom is stuck in this Spinning soap Opera

Spinning soap opera lies and deception

Did Alex Jones swallow the spinning soap opera pill and is he stuck ?

Well my friends and readers there are many and the grass underneath there tire treads could be thinning out . Each and every day talking about the same issues over and over with just very minor twists to the scene and plot . In years past soap operas were the arena of Days Of Our Lives played out on T . V . for supposed housewives but mainstream and elites took knowledge of this and put it in there play book .
Almost anything you watch these days is played out in a soap opera fashion and has become a big part of our society and is used by the CIA as tactical movement to procure and proceed with agenda mission capabilities . In this video you will see Alex Jones caught up in the soap opera and a Christian trying to do the right thing claiming not to be a profit but in some sense having the status of Noah proclaiming the end . I have great admiration for both of the gentlemen but many have sung they knew the day was at hand in the past and many spin there wheels in this hypnotic soap opera arena losing site of other important issues because they took the pill of half truth .







What dose the pill of half truths combined with the soap opera arena do ? Well it pumps up the arena for further corruption and continuing behaviors that had been going on for quite sometime . The evasive procedure of do not look over here with the allusion of the political party affiliation pill of you must riot and hate each other never mind who is right or tells truth . In this next video of declassified information you will see how the CIA has used this manipulation in the past .






As you may have picked up on by keeping the country memorized and divided as well as clashing this promotes a lot of government entities . Keeping alive the espionage and said militarized police states in the urgency of national security . So one must ask before protesting have you taken a pill of half truth are you memorized to the spinning soap opera wheel ? Trump is our Commander and Chief and I respect that although his pill offers some half truths as well and that part that is a lie is quit hard to swallow . Global warming according to Trump is false although this could well be true I really feel it is null and void . The mere essence of extracting fossil fuels from the ground and allowing any type of contamination whether it is ground , water or air is wrong and in no means concurrent with Gods word or ways .

Spinning the radioactive Trail

Spinning soap opera lies and deception

Spinning the tail on radio active waist is not good .
Radium 226 has a half life of 1,620 years .

Awe yes while Americans take this pill or that filled with half truths and shrug off real agendas like the extraction and disposal of Radium 266 or 228 and the daughter product Lead 210 . Or Bismuth 210 and Polonium 210 just Radium 266 by itself has a half life of approximately one thousand six hundred and twenty years . Keep in mind I am by no means a physicist but I found something that struck me odd and raised both my eyebrows . The first thing is and I am sure that dose not make sense to many the extraction of the said radioactive material is supposedly naturally occurring elements and are extracted from every fracking or coal mining area . Or if these elements are not naturally present they are man made products being added which then produces the radioactive compound . These products when not taken care of properly run havoc on our human bodies as well as animals and vegetation causing birth defects as well as causing bone and other diseases . To show this point please see the following link straight out of the archives of wikipedia I give you NATURALLY OCCURRING RADIOACTIVE MATERIAL . Also I found reviewing this link straight out of the archives of wikipedia WHAT IS GAMMA RAY . But still yet something seems to sit odd I mean I know plenty of people whom operate and do excavation and have seen many landslides but no one is running to check radiation levels . For example but not limited to the latest Oroville dam issue yup plenty of gold but no radiation worries ? Enjoy the next video on the latest Oroville Dam Collapse and problems .






But remembering the information given in the declassified video above I stumbled across this next video of secret places hidden in the Northeastern United States enjoy .







Noting that the majority of the places are abandon military or CIA installations holding some radioactive material . Thinking to myself this is also on real estate obviously that can not be sold with high levels or evidence of high levels of radiation . Just thinking a quick and inconspicuous way to get rid of it would be to move it through fracking lines blow holes straight through any concrete barrier .
The explosions could all be explained threw the event of fracking or like in some areas where they have heard noises that could not be explained .

In Conclusion

Sure enough President Trump has a lot on his plate but none the less if he turns a blind eye to fracking and or the extraction of radioactive material and pushes the fossil fuel forward the pill he offers is no better then any other administration . The creation of these types of jobs dose not advocate a Godly stance nor dose it justify the lose of human life or land and water . Neither dose the acceptance and pill swallowing of his agenda by other organizations because it is just a smoke screen of hypnotic soap opera-ism . In the midst of all this soap opera-ism smoke screen and turning away from other important issues and becoming divided and fighting amongst one another . This sets the stage for promoting other agendas like spying and espionage on the American people and enforcing the need for a police state .
I urge Alex Jones to get out of his spinning wheel soap opera stance and if you have any pull get Trump to reconsider the push for the OIL WAR . This in it self divides certain parts of the country away from him . Radium 226 and 228 are nothing to play with and as far as I know is regulated by states through ( NORM ) and overseen by the EPA . Have a nice day riding the wave of SPINNING SOAP OPERA LIES AND DECEPTION I am out .

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