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Stand Against Spying

This is a very interesting site they are trying to stand for America and the international freedoms but is anyone of major importance listening that is the question ?
I am sharing there about Paige because I think it is the best place to start you should be able to navigate from there .
The organizations that they have aligned with seem to be pretty big players within our economic society although what surprised me I didn’t see the FSF Organization in the list but who knows .
But without further delay straight out of the archive of stand against spying I give you there about Paige .

Is Anyone Of Importance Listening

This is the question we must ask ( Is anyone of importance listening ? ) .
The reason I am stating this is while watching the international news as I always do a statement came up saying that Germany had sent representatives to Washington to discuss the over all spying issue concerning the USA and Germany but they were told they didn’t know what they were talking about and the treaty maid concerning MRS Merkle was extended to her and her only and didn’t have anything to do with the rest of Germany .
And for that reason combined with the other espionage issues that are prevalent in the news media is the reason for her harsh decision to kick the head of the CIA out Germany , so heads would rear up and they would take notice of the seriousness of the spying issue .
Although I could find nothing to collaborate this in my research today what I did find straight out of the archives of the blaze .

The Point

The point is no one likes to be spied on without the proper reasons put in place I . E . probable cause so that are freedoms are protected first and most above all else .
Right now it appears and there is no telling how long this has Ben going on its the whole game of if you flock together bird scenario but the flock encompass has gotten much smaller to a text , e-mail , face book friend .

In Conclusion

We should as Americans sign petitions to gain our rights back and stop the unwarranted spying but as you have probably noticed these concerns have Ben going on for a while and even tho big organizations have gathered and thousands have signed petitions it appears the right people are not hearing thus making me ponder dose it state by the government , for the government of the government ?
Any who have a safe none spied on day peace I am out .

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